Charlottesville Rally Massacre: My Thoughts

The Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, Virginia has, as to be expected, lead to counter protests from the Left. This time, the situation ended in violence, with a death toll of three and nineteen injured. Browsing the photos on several news sites reporting the incident, it appears that several of the injured were Black people.

Black woman injured at Charlottesville counter protest

When I was a child, my father would always tell me to stay out of harm’s way. This is a lesson that many of the Black counter protestors would have been wise to learn.

I understand that the Alt-Right is no friend to Blacks. I am no fan of the Left. Much of what I have learned that has benefited me was learned from those on the fringes of the Alt-Right, but I understand that they are not my friends. The usefulness of the preemptive strike is also something that does not allude me. The Alt-Right and its ideas are indeed a danger for Black people in America and in the world.

Marching and protesting however, are not the way to deal with the problem. Marching does not put power into the hands of Black people, nor does it deal much damage to the Alt-Right. Since they are so dangerous, and there is a high chance of violent incidents occurring at events like Unite the Right, there is no reason for one to be there unless they are prepared for violence.

A man like Christopher Dorner, perhaps, would do well attending a Unite the Right rally. Devonte Jr. that is taking a social studies class at a community college and suddenly feels politically inclined has no business there. Such a person would be better off hitting the books and enrolling in STEM classes next semester. Hitting the gym or shooting range with the knowledge that the world is hostile, and that one’s actions in a hostile world must be effective towards creating a less hostile environment and dealing with harm if it comes to you would also be a good choice.

Not Our Affair

Some commentators that I have listened to have stated that this event was an all-White issue: the White Left against the White Right. For the most part, I agree. Of course, as Blacks in America, events such as these and the paradigm shifts that they may influence certainly can affect our lives. It is our job to be aware and to prepare. If actions are taken, they must be useful actions.

Let the White Lefties fight their own battle. Yes, we have all heard the quote that ends “When they came for me, there was nobody left.” Well, dumbass, for Black people, nobody was there for us in the first place.

Looking at the White Leftists and some of the shit that they stand for, I wouldn’t want to be allied with them anyway. I could have sworn that I saw a tranny in one clip fighting a redneck. The last time that I saw something like that was in the 90’s when Goldust wrestled Stone Cold Steve Austin. Too bad J.R. and King weren’t commentating on this one.

Tranny vs. Redneck Charlottesville Unite the Right
Courtesy CNN


The Alt-Right is indeed a threat, or at least something that Blacks would be wise to keep our eyes on. History has shown us that marching and protesting do little; money and power, on the other hand, make real, lasting changes. Instead of counter protesting and putting ourselves in harm’s way, let us use our time to build ourselves. We can do this by increasing our income, enhancing our knowledge, building networks, and preparing ourselves to be truly ready for the time when conflict may come to us.