A Holiday is a Workday for Yourself

The general population sees holidays as days of relaxation. The fact is, however, that money never sleeps. All over the world, companies are making money off of the consumer mindset that runs rampant whenever there is a holiday. Whether it be the media, consumer and retail goods, or transportation, holidays bring in the cash.

Hotel in Guangzhou during National Holiday
Hotels and transportation make big money during the Golden Week Holiday in China.

Most common folk use holidays for unproductive means, even if they are not going out spending money. Rest is important, as is spending time with loved ones, but it is never a good idea to be completely unproductive when there are goals to be met.

Last week (October 1st, to be exact) was National Day (国庆节) in China. The People’s Republic may be communist in name, but in practice, they are largely capitalist. The metro lines in Guangzhou were packed, and it was even more of a struggle to get on the train. I was almost dealt two knockdowns trying to get on one of the lines that is usually sparse with passengers.

Why was I on the metro, you may ask?

I was going to meet some students for private lessons.

While most of the world uses holidays to kick back and be unproductive, some people wanted to use their time off to learn. I wanted to use it to hustle, and where there are people willing to learn, I am willing to teach for the right price.

Use Holidays to Work for and on Yourself

I know what you are thinking. You work so hard on your job or at school, and you just want to take a break.

I understand.

The advice that I am giving you is not to work your fingers to the bone for the entire day. Take a breather. Enjoy time with your loved ones. Get some well-deserved rest. Enjoy the festivities and traditions.

Be sure to take at least a portion of the day to work on your own business or making yourself a better person. Pick up a book, lift some weights, or work on some projects that need to get done. Time spent on these things now will pay off later. You never know: a few hours working on “days off” might mean that you will eventually be able to quit that “real job” that leaves you coming home exhausted.

A day off is a day that you don’t have to clock in for the boss, but there is never a day that goes by where you can take off on yourself.

One Nation’s Holiday is Not Another’s

October 1st was National Day in China. Most students and many schools will get the entire week off. Back in America, however, it is business as usual. As was said in Wall Street, “Money never sleeps.” Business is still being done all over the world, and the Internet allows the common person to get their little slice of the pie.

Non-Black conservatives in America often go on about how they work on Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Obviously, this is a racial slight since they never talk about working on Thanksgiving or Christmas. It is incontrovertible that taking this same mindset towards all holidays and weekends will make us more productive though.

Let the rest of the world take a break. We are going to take strides forward for our own betterment. Maybe we can score some extra Machiavellian points by taking advantage of their consumerism as well.

The Black Friday crowd wasting time, money, and energy
Black Friday is a prime example of holiday consumerism to be exploited.


When working towards a goal, it is best to make productivity a habit. In order to make a habit of productivity, we cannot skip too many days in a row. Making an effort to take steps every day to better our lives will ingrain it as a necessity In our minds. Keep working and knocking down tasks whenever you can, even when it is a holiday. The days that you do not have to work for others are some of the best days to do this.