Buy Lectric Shave Before Coming to China!

If you are planning on coming to China and staying long term, make sure that you stock up on Lectric Shave. Lectric Shave, or whichever pre-shave you prefer.

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I use regular shaving foam and a manual razor to shave my face, that is fine and dandy. However, I like to shave my body too. Say what you want to say, but I feel a lot cleaner when I don’t have body hair to contest with. This is especially true in the humid climate of Guangdong Province.

I also prefer the aerodynamic look downstairs. To put it frankly, I like to shave my dick and balls. I feel completely more aesthetic, and the sex feels better too. Most women that I have been with prefer dealing with the log without having to venture through a forest. For these reasons, I have made it a weekly chore to shave my body hair completely.

I am not going to risk shaving downstairs without some form of lubrication though. Mangled nutsacks aren’t the rage, no matter what freakish bullshit they’re trying to pass in Washington. It was either get my pre-shave fluid, or look like a grizzly bear for the next two months.

All of the pharmacies and cosmetic shops tried to sell me shaving cream. That would clog up my electric razor. Even Wal-Mart was trying to get me to buy shaving foam.

My girlfriend searched on Taobao and found it. The problem was, it cost around 600 RMB (just under $100 USD) for something that would cost five bucks at CVS back home.

The thought of forking over that much money was absolutely ludicrous.

I checked out a few of the foreign goods markets, hoping that they would have some Lectric Shave for sale. No luck there either, but I ran across a hair removal cream by Body Natur.

Body Natur Hair Remover

Desperate for a solution, I bit the bullet and decided to buy the cream. This is a choice that I do not regret, but it just doesn’t beat a good shave.

In order for the cream to be effective, I had to lather it on thick three times. Next, while the product claims to not have an offensive smell, it still had an undertone of a strong chemical odor that I remember from other similar products. Despite slathering on this hair removal cream three times, some of my chest hair and pubic hair still remained. Finally, the chemical stung my underarm regions and nutsack.

Body Natur’s product is an alright alternative when shaving is not an option, and honestly, it is a lot quicker. However, this product does not beat shaving in terms of cost or in terms of efficiency. It’s probably not as safe either.

I hope that I did not permanently reduce my sperm count.

Take my advice and pick up some Lectric Shave before getting on the plane to China!

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