Working a Whiteface Job While Black

Whiteface jobs in China are jobs where companies pay foreigners (typically those of European ancestry) just to show up. In many cases, these foreigners are paid handsomely to pretend to be teachers, doctors, or whatever they are needed to be for that day.

Black White man

As many may have noted, the “power of White” is very strong here in Asia. As a Black man, I am indeed jealous, but the “SJW approach” of whining or crying will not change a thing. In fact, in today’s world people openly get off on being in a superior position.

I would too.

Being a Black American, I do not have the same status as a real blonde-haired, blue-eyed, “super-duper” White guy. However, being American, experienced, and in alright shape does pull some weight here in China (even when that experience isn’t needed at all). In fact, like many other Black Americans, I feel more like an American when I am outside of America.

After quitting my job at EF last week, tons of opportunities have been coming my way. One opportunity was a Whiteface job. I was told that all I had to do was show up, play with some kids, greet parents, and I’d be out in an hour.

It turned out that all that I had to do was eat snacks, listen to a presentation (where the other foreigner did the talking), dance a little bit with some kids on stage, and chill for a couple of hours.

Delicious snacks at Whiteface job in China

I was paid the equivalent of a hundred USD for this strenuous job. To put this in perspective, I made about as much as I used to in a full day at EF in the course of two hours.

I do not expect such jobs to roll in steadily, especially given that I am not a “super-duper” White guy. It was still nice to get a taste of what they enjoy, and more importantly, good money for my time!

The Takeaway

Experiencing “privilege” is a great thing. Try it sometime and you will realize why people work hard to maintain it. That being said, I think that you will realize that “SJW tactics” are not going to work.

Only a fool would want to give up a position of great power, prestige, and privilege. Sure, there may be some feelings of guilt here and there, but making it is a lot better than struggling, and the world knows this.

The only way to gain this privilege is to attain or become affiliated with power. Power can be used to wrest privilege from the hands of others, or develop it for oneself. Begging, particularly when one is not seen in a positive light, does not get a person very far.

Modern China is a society where open Machiavellianism can pay off more than it can back home in the States. At the very least one does not have to be an archetypal “Alpha” in order to access more of its benefits.


Things do happen to Black people in China. Yes, there are comparatively fewer opportunities for us than there are for other races.

This seems to be the same almost globally.

At the end of the day, China is a country that has opportunities for those that seek them. Do not be afraid to make the journey and at least give it a try.

Until next time,

“Grand Admiral” Denzel Bryant