Black Folks Afraid of a Trump Presidency. Why?

Let’s face it: Black folks as a whole have been at or near the bottom of the socioeconomic pyramid in America since its very inception. The eight years of Obama’s presidency, a Democrat and a half-Black one at that, has not changed this one iota. In fact, his policies in regards to immigration and his stance in regards to forcing transgenders and other sexual deviants down the throats of America (pun intended) have done more to damage the real advancement of the Black community than it has to strengthen it.

Donald Trump Presidency

Americans are pissed off at what the country is becoming, and of course Black people are in the crosshairs of many of these pissed off individuals. Enter Donald Trump, the man that is to right all of these wrongs and “Make America Great Again.” Given the views of many of his supporters as espoused on social media, it is no wonder that many Black people are afraid of a Donald Trump presidency.

From my perspective, a Trump Presidency would be the best thing that Black America could ask for. No, I doubt that Donald Trump will get rid of all of the illegals and make it easier for Black people to get jobs; robots and computers can do things a lot easier and until Skynet comes along, probably won’t mind being joked about in the office, presenting less of a potential liability than a Black person running on emotions.

The reason why I personally believe that Trump would be better for Black America than Hilary Clinton or Bernie Sanders is due to the fear that he causes. This fear may light a fire under our asses to actually get up and do something. We will realize that the glad-handing of the likes of Obama, Clinton, Sanders, and others like them is all fluff, and that no President is going to hand us the lives that we want. It is going to take struggle, and Trump and his supporters are sure to shock us into that reality.

As many of you may know, I’m also not a fan of this gay agenda madness, or SJW LGBTWXYZ insanity. To attempt to normalize such relations is to destroy the family as well as masculinity, both of which have been driving forces in the advancement and maintenance of functional civilization. Trump probably will not completely squelch these issues, but probably will not pander to them either, focusing time and resources on issues of more economical importance.

As Ed Latimore stated in his tweet, no President is going to save us. We have seen it with Obama, and whoever is elected in 2016 will probably teach us this same lesson. At the end of the day, we have to work with society or around it in order to get what we want. Make sure to vote for your interests, oh, and protect yourselves at all times, but remember, that unless we strive to attain real tangible power, economic and otherwise, we will still be in the dog house no matter who is in the White House.

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