Why It Is Important to Get Your First Success

There is a first time for everything, and the first success after a long string of failures and rejections is the first step on the path to realizing our dreams in life. This fact of life was recently re-illustrated to me in my most recent victory on the path to financial freedom (or at least temporal freedom).

Take the first step towards success

As you may be aware, I have been slaving away for an English training center, spinning my wheels and seemingly getting nowhere. Not to sound like some left-wing feelings guru, but my current job most certainly does its part to crush my spirits, sending me home late at night with battered morale and little time to accomplish the goals that I set out to achieve. With no other means of making money, and my visa currently on lock, I felt as if there was no escape, and that my goals would just have to be put on hold for a year.

My year as an ESL teacher would become a prison, not the opportunity for growth that I thought it would be. Eating out and spending so much time away from the gym also took their tolls on my physical and mental health. My morale had reached the lowest point it has since I embarked on this journey.

However, my experience today gave me one little glimmer of hope. My first success as a private tutor came today.

While this session only lasted about an hour and only netted me enough money for about two days worth of food, it was a much-needed victory after months of grueling and dissatisfying work on the “English plantation.” To be honest though, I made more money for my time as well, even though my rate was dirt cheap in comparison to what other people charge for similar services.

To top this off, it was satisfying doing something that I enjoy that can be a direct help to others on my own time instead of grinding my fingers to the bone for a company that I have become disillusioned with.

Continued success doing my own thing would leave me with more time to explore, more time to write, and more time to build.
Continued success doing my own thing would leave me with more time to explore, more time to write, and more time to build.

Climbing that first hill can be the hardest, but once you have experienced your first success, things become easier. Whether it is the first “W” on a boxer’s record, your first dollar made in a business endeavor, first conversation held in a foreign language, or whatever your particular case may be, that first win is a massive confidence boost.

I still remember my first time getting some sweet, sweet wallz, even though the dick I was slangin’ was whack as hell. Mayumi was her name, or something like that.

There is no secret to getting that first success, but once you get it, things become just the slightest bit easier. Stay on the grind, keep working hard, keep working smart, and mash towards success.

With determination, networking, and a bit of luck (and some way to legally stay in China by changing my visa), your Admiral might just be able to say goodbye to the plantation ESL game.

Until next time, remember to mash.