Black Men With Ugly-Ass Women, STFU

Anyone that spends time in the Black circles of social media knows about the so-called “Gender War”. Veterans such as SoulNBlack and Tommy Sotomayor have coined phrases such as “ankles” and “hair-hatted hooligans” to denigrate ratchet, hideous Black females and their behavior. Both sides of this gender conflict have begun online movements to promote interracial dating, such as “The Swirl Movement” or #SYSBM (Save Yourselves Black Men).

In today’s post, I will not be addressing “The Swirl”. I do not have the time nor the patience to talk about such nonsense. My writings are primarily tailored for a male audience, to give advice and helpful information (as well as to ramble, of course). So, #SYSBM has entered into my crosshairs.

The Save Yourself Black Men movement, led by MadBusDriverX on YouTube, uses the fact that many Black American women are not appropriate wife material, on top of being downright unfuckable in many cases, to promote Black men engaging in interracial relationships. While I am in an interracial relationship myself (with a Chinese woman no-less, not a “theek [thick] White girl mayne”), it is my belief that many of the followers of this movement are deserving of chastisement.

Not only is interracial dating not the solution to Black men’s problems, many of the women that these “Brothers” parade around are gross as Hell, and in some cases, more horrendous in visage than the Black women that they left behind. Dating out, but taking out the trash of other races is totally unacceptable, especially when these women have fucked-up attitudes similar to Western Black women.

Black man interracial with fat, ugly White woman
Black men need to stop taking out the trash for other races. I guess she’s a “PAWG” mayne…

No Fatties, No Fuglies, No Faggots, even in Interracial Relationships

Perhaps I should say especially in interracial relationships. Thirsting for women of other races so badly that you take out the trash makes you, and us, look even more pathetic. I totally understand having a taste for a certain flavor. I even understand finding solace outside of one’s race if one cannot find it within their own group. What I cannot understand, and what sickens me, however, is putting a fatass, disgusting White or other non-Black woman with a vitriolic attitude on a pedestal.

Seek quality in all aspects of life, no matter where or with whom you may be.


    This post was straight fire brother. NO FATTIES, NO FUGLIES, NO FAGGIES!

  • Dr. Zhivago

    While I certainly agree with your central premise that voluntarily lowering your standards to escape dating women within your own race is a regrettable concession, I think this analysis only scratches the surface of the racial dynamics of the sexual marketplace. In the west, women are the supply and men constitute the demand in the sexual economy. Women have often sustained their advantage over men by putting pressure on each other to restrict the supply of sex available to men. As with any monopoly or cartel, restricting the supply leads to a higher price. Nowhere is this price for quality pussy higher than in the Black community, where black female hypergamy has caused irreparable market distortions which give black men very little choice but to either submit to their power or pursue different races with better economic and social advantages.

    In fact the last 60 years of black American social/family life can be accurately described as a matriarchal syndicate in which monopoly power is wielded to minimize the sexual options of black men. Black women are acutely aware of their place in the international racial hierarchy and as such seek to bring black men down with them. It’s very understandable then why many black men, by the sweat of their brow, will fight to escape this trap.

    In addition to this, another “red-pill” truth should be acknowledged. While it is true that the SMV of black men are higher than that black women, it is only marginally higher. Still globally black men have to contend with the fact that many non-black women simply do not find black men attractive. Black men are legitimately seen as being physically and socially undesirable to substantial swaths of the non-black female population across the globe. Because of this, black men are often relegated to a position where they have undesirable options (options which correspond to their own perceived value). These options often include white women on the plus side of 200 lbs and women who have been rejected by their own race for their physical deficiencies. In addition to this, obesity rates across the entire racial spectrum are rising, leaving little doubt that this troubling trend may eventually be unavoidable.

    Regardless of these fatiguing dilemmas, one thing remains clear- that the supply and demand mechanisms of the sexual marketplace will continue to determine the price that a man must pay for quality pussy. There are no solutions to the problems that black men face, only a sequence of trade offs in which we must choose the best possible outcomes among competing alternatives given limited information and time. For some black men, even the trash of other races is a better treasure than dealing with a lifetime of bullshit with your own race. These market conditions have made it all the more obvious that Negros need to book a flight as quickly as possible. Reality is not optional.

    • I certainly do acknowledge the points that you’ve made. There are some that believe that eating from garbage cans is better than starving. I come from the perspective of discipline, that it is better to do without than wallow in filth perpetually, especially when doing so seems to be digging us into an even deeper hole.

      Thank you for your comment.


      Book a flight to which country? I’ve heard some brothers say that Brazil, The Philippines, and Japan are more friendly to brothers.

  • Mercury Helium

    Insecurities & self-hate.. I guess it’s only in the Black community that extremely bash and dis their own women. I don’t hear much rants from White, Hispanic, Asian men about their own women.
    Black women want to marry Black men to preserve their race. But they just can’t ’cause majority of their own men are unemployed, jailed, gangzta, irresponsible or bad-tempered. Those so-called good black men are only few and there’s much competition going on to get them.

  • Mercury Helium

    Insecurities & self-hate.. I guess it’s in the Black American community that bash and dis their own women to the extreme level . I don’t hear much rants from White, Hispanic, Asian, even Native African men about their own women.

    Black women want to marry Black men to preserve their race. But they just can’t ’cause most of their own men are unemployed, jailed, gangzta, irresponsible or bad-tempered. Those so-called good black men are only few and there’s much competition going on to get them.

    • Dr. Zhivago

      “I don’t hear much rants from White, Hispanic, Asian, even Native African men about their own women.”

      If you are unaware of the complaints ( and quite legitimate grievances) that men of all races have expressed against the women within their own race, then you haven’t been paying attention. Men across the racial spectrum, all from diverse and often disparate backgrounds have arrived at the regrettable reckoning that the instinctual prowess of all women is to gravitate toward power and the acquisition of resources. It is in their nature to pursue the best possible sexual recourse to benefit from. Their loyalty is inversely proportional to their options. Black women stand at the very apex of this maxim.

      ” I guess it’s in the Black American community that bash and dis their own women to the extreme level ”

      What you perceive as “bashing” and “dissing” are in fact only legitimate criticism of the sexual choices that black women make, which are predicated on the idolization of thugs and urban alpha male (hood) values. Their preferences have earned them every bit of the hate and disdain that they receive. Black men in America currently inhabit a matriarchy where rising obesity and the marginalization of black men have served to motivate the few survivors of black female matriarchy to pursue of races of women. Unless black American women change in fundamental ways, I suspect more and more black men will continue to “jump ship”.

  • Smurf

    I, an openly bisexual African-american woman (Oh yep, I already know your typing bullshit at the speed of light into that reply box just reading that intro) would like to put into account that I agree, most stereotypical black women are repulsive these days…. not really attracted to them.
    But unlike you, its not only concerning the generalization of where they are from, but the fact that these particular individuals are rowdy, unapproachable, unkind, hypocritical, and at times all of this is due to the fact that they grew up in a cheap rundown and uneducated culture which is what we see now is modern low income America.
    Saying this, I wouldn’t (if I were still on the “dating scene”, I am engaged to a man by the way)
    discriminate because unlike you, I believe I should find a partner of any gender or race or nationality based on their ‘personality’ and ‘loyalty’ and also if i can talk to the person on an intellectually stimulating level.
    Therefore, Just because Someones ‘fat’ (which I unashamedly a ‘chubby-chaser’, myself preference wise) or ‘too skinny’ or has blemishes or is a certain race, doesn’t mean I won’t approach them.
    You say “seek quality in all aspects of life” but how is looking good ‘quality’?
    You can be completely gorgeous, but still have some sort of STD, severe mental impairment, Be rude, ‘ghetto’, nasty, having sex with several guys at the same time as you, And even at the end of the day when she comes home and sits down next to you and you finally have time to yourselves, will say the most mundane and sometimes straight up nonsensical jargon. (I swear, you’ve heard toilet flushes more intelligent and stimulating…)
    But obviously your only standard is that they are aesthetically pleasing to your eyes, and have a hole perfect for your extremities. Yup to you, that’s TOTAL “Wifey Material”
    Not to be rude, but do you treat and speak of women the same way you treat your girlfriend? And is she okay with the fact that you identify as a ‘sexist cunt’?
    Just curious.
    Now, considering you can understand proper English/logic and/or actually are interested in what your audience thinks and therefore read this thoroughly… I mean for all I know your just posting on the internet and don’t want feedback or thoughts… (in that case maybe invest in a journal?) I am anticipating your reasonable, educated and class-filled response.

    The female who is apparently not good enough for your type because I’m black and american/ The female who is actually rejoicing at this fact and is glad insignificant pricks like you don’t want me

    P.S: Have a nice day.

    • I don’t think that you read the article. This was mainly directed at Black men that take out the trash of other races. You do sound gross and as if you glorify inferiority.

      For the record, being aesthetically pleasing is one of my criteria, and albeit important, not the only one. Loyalty, personality, having common goals, being able to work together, and so forth are most certainly important for a relationship that goes beyond a booty call.

      Thanks for the comment. I need enemies (Law 2).

  • and the Wully Wully

    I’m a white woman, fairly attractive (thin, well-groomed, intelligent, confident, good earning potential) and I primarily date black men because of a genuine lifelong physical attraction to dark skin. I am also often appalled that the grossest of white women are cherished by certain black men, as if they just won the lottery. They are white women that white men do not want as they are often huge, unsanitary and unintelligent. From an alternative perspective, I can tell you that this issue affects the decent, good-looking white women who genuinely are physically and intellectually attracted to decent black men. The gross white women who end up with black men almost seem to be making that choice out of sheer desperation, not as a genuine affinity for dark skin. I almost instinctively ask myself before getting with a black man whether or not he is the type who chooses gross stinky white women or if he is the type with self-respect who dates women of different races and women who are at least hovering around a 7 instead of a 0.

    • This is an interesting perspective. Yes, many of the low-tier White women that end up with Black men probably do so out of desperation, just as the Black men that end up with them do so out of thirst. It’s almost as if such relationships are trade-offs. White man/East Asian woman relationships seem to be trade-offs too to a degree. Of course, relationships in both categories can be genuine, but some of the stereotypes are likely true based on research and observation. Technically, all relationships are trade-offs though, and there is nothing inherently wrong with that.

      Thank you for your perspective and comment.

    • Jennifer Abramson

      i really hate generalizations! i believe when we grow, we start to realize what is truly important. i went through stages, from athletes/jocks, college poets, lol yeah i know, lol. only black, only older, no one under 6’ft tall, whatever, i waas out for all the wrong reasons and if a person is whack on the inside, it leaks out. perhaps i am getting old, but there are more important things than looks and what are you going to do when you get old? just stare at eachother? no thanks’)

  • MissMisaki

    I would never date a black guy, but I do think it funny how in America the black guys always try to talk, while their girlfriends even stare!

    I thought that black men were ugly, but those black women are like black men times ten!

    Stay with your own people. I only want Asian men. No foreigners.

    • Alright. Interesting point, sir.

      • ShikokuPrincess91


        You know the correct term is ma’am right?
        I cannot stand the black men who go to other countries. Stay in your own countries. Nigerians in Roppingi are animals.

        • Just making sure that you did, and that you were paying attention in your ESL classes, not just oggling the foreign teachers. Thanks for your input.

        • Qarises

          For your info, he thought you were a sir because you had a different username at first. Just as you’re free to post what you want he’s free to do what he wants. He’s already wary of politics pertaining Black and Asians(both sided). But could care nonetheless as to how hateful you or anyone is. Too late, he’s in a committed relationship with a Asian woman. I hope you’re angry Ms.xenophobe. Cause your trolling is useless since his mind and many others are made up regardless. To bad the world doesn’t revolve around you.