Why Women Should be Objectified

Feminists often complain about the objectification of women. If a man looks at a woman with her breasts exposed, then he is an evil pervert that is objectifying women, yet these same feminists claim that women (womyn, or whatever) should be allowed to #FreeTheNipple. This is of course, assuming that the man is not the 6’0”+ blonde-haired, blue-eyed White archetypal quarterback Alpha male by whom women would gladly allow themselves to be objectified.

A Black woman to be objectified

This is why women should be objectified. They put themselves out to the world to be objectified, as long as it is by the right person, of course.

Now that I have your attention, I would like to present the actual argument that I would like to make. Women are not the only people that should be objectified. Just about everyone in the world can and will be objectified these days, and they are deserving of it, each in their own ways.

When we work for others, we make ourselves tools of whatever agenda the company, agency, et. al. That we are working for is trying to accomplish. We are nothing more than expendable objects, fodder to be used to feed the machine. We lose our identities and our desired lifestyles to make others happy while we slowly ebb away.

Our coworkers, employers, clients, and so forth really do not give a damn about us; similar to the hypergamous woman, they only care about what we can provide to them. To be honest, they have no obligation to care about us. Sure, they might help us out a bit with insurance, partially because the government may be forcing them to do so by law, and partially because they will get tax write-offs, but as Michael Jackson stated, they don’t really care about us.

Why should we care about them, in turn?

The average undervalued worker is also objectified

Realistically speaking, most of us are going to have to work jobs that we hate while sacrificing our desires and dreams, at least temporarily. Looking at statistics, most of us will probably never succeed in our desired business endeavors. Some of us will even be “lucky” to find a job. Those of us that do succeed in business may have to whore ourselves out with niche marketing, that pigeonholes us into certain roles.

Us working stiffs rely on these jobs because we have failed to create for ourselves. To put things into the perspective of my philosophy, we are in a position of powerlessness since our employers have the money that we need to survive; they hold the value in the relationship, with us being expendable drones. We rely on them for that next paycheck, for that insurance, for that visa (for those of us living abroad). Maybe this is just our lot in life. Maybe our genetics are faulty and we cannot be successful entrepreneurs.

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Regardless of the reason why, when we rely upon others and are in a position of relatively lower value to other parties, we are inclined to please our superiors in the hopes of getting what we want from them. We are in a position where we must give of ourselves, but we receive scraps of what we desire at the mercy of our superiors. Us worker bees are nothing but objects for those that we work for, with the threat of being discarded at any time.

The solutions of course, are to acquire value, to attain power in its various forms, and to pursue what we truly desire. How we go about reaching these solutions, if at all possible, depends on our own unique situations.