Lessons from PlayerSupreme vs. Viva Tito Sancho

Two YouTubers that I am subscribed to, PlayerSupreme and Viva Tito Sancho, recently had a negative exchange in the comment sections of one of Tito’s videos. Tito made a heated video response to PlayerSupreme in which he accuses Supreme of being a “simp,” among other things.

Now, PlayerSupreme’s teachings have helped me through some rough patches during the beginning of the year. Slowly but surely, his teachings along with others, and most importantly, my dedication to trying to better myself, have lead me down a path of self-improvement with noticeable results.

I cannot say that PlayerSupreme has exhibited simp qualities, nor does he teach them. The closest thing to simping that he teaches is for men to take mediocre women and help them to better themselves. Keep the context of this teaching in mind – many members of PlayerSupreme’s audience are lower value males that lust for the hotties. As it stands, these guys have little chance of getting with the super hot babes, but would be better off at least getting into the Game with women at their level, then build the women up into the hotties that they desire, all while building their value as well, making it more probable for them to get with more attractive women in the future. That actually makes quite a bit of sense to me (provided that a baseline standard is applied).

I do not have a dog in this “fight” though, and do not want to jump in and play hero, trying to stick up for a man that is capable and prides himself in being able to defend himself and his positions. Instead, I will focus on three lessons that I can take away from things that were mentioned in the exchanges.

Greener Pastures Abroad

For some men, going abroad can be the best decision that they make. While “P00sey Paradise” is not guaranteed, especially for Black men, the dating scene can seem more accessible at times for some. More importantly, there are opportunities that exist abroad that do not exist, or are far less accessible in America. If other peoples go abroad, colonize, and conquer (whether literally or on a small scale, a la Arab and Korean stores in Black neighborhoods), then why shouldn’t Black men try to build our own outposts and businesses abroad? Tito makes a good point here.

Go for What You Really Want

Too many of us end up settling for what we don’t want. It is a fact of life that we cannot get exactly what we want all of the time, but we can at least come close (and no, Filipinas are not close enough to the Northeast Asian women that I desire, so stow it). In my opinion, a person that ultimately settles for what they do not truly desire has been defeated.

PlayerSupreme alludes to the fact that many of the Black men that are a part of these “interracial movements”, such as #SYSBM, seem to really want Black women, but substitute their desires with meh-tier and below White and Latin women (and if they do go for Asians, it’s “Filipinas mayne”). Hell, even if they went for hot, delicious, mmm scrumptulicious Northeast Asian women, then they are still losers for taking what they do not want.

Bagel Soo (베이글쑤), hot Asian chick
To my tastes

Maybe I am not one to speak on the issue given my preferences, and given my observation of the matter, many Black women do indeed seem undateable. Black men are going to have to man up and solve the problem, even if it means conquering the world. Whatever is necessary to get the job done must be done by those that are serious about bringing the Black man and women back together. Like many other ideas that I ponder about, it might indeed just be a pipe dream.

It is better to fail standing for what you want than to succeed laying where and with whom you do not desire. I think that Braveheart said something along those lines.

Mastering Yourself

This goes back to the first point. No matter where you go or who you go with, you will never be able to run from yourself. This is especially important for Black men to understand, given that we are likely to face discrimination and challenges that other men do not have to face no matter where we go on this earth.

Falling off of a plane in a so-called “P00sey Paradise” isn’t going to guarantee success with women, especially for Black men. Even if success with women is found, will you be able to eat? Will you be able to defend yourself? Will you be able to look inward to overcome homesickness, culture shock, and other issues that one faces when spending extended periods of time abroad?

In order to meet these challenges, it is imperative to master oneself. Do the work.

PlayerSupreme teaches self-mastery

You may find a place where the work pays off more, and that is wonderful. If time isn’t put in to develop and master oneself, however, most success will be fleeting.

I’m not big on social media beefs. They tend not to be profitable for me, despite some being entertaining. I found this one to have educational potential though, and I hope that this breakdown helps somebody out there.