Black People Should Read Might is Right

Might is Right Book Cover

Might is Right, also known as Survival of the Fittest is a book that was supposedly published in 1890 by author Ragnard Redbeard. You could have fooled me because much of what is written in this book sounds just like language that can be found within the lexicons of many figures on the Alt-Right. This alone is one of the reasons why it would be wise for Black people that are serious about improving our lot in this world should give this book a read.

Learning about the mentalities of those that oppose you is crucial. We are entering a “new era” where victimhood status is not going to pay off, but rather make one an easier target for destruction. As I have alluded to many times in my writings, it seems as if the veneer of “civility” is ebbing away day by day, and the harsh laws of nature, the Laws of Survival and Force are showing themselves more and more. In its first chapters alone, Might is Right does not pull any punches in regards to the harsh realities that are possible in the world that we live in.

Burn What is Useless

I am often considered to have heretical beliefs in the Black community because I believe in casting off that which does not bring the results that I desire. Many of the things that seem to excite the average Black man do nothing for me, and when indulged in without building or controlling anything, seems to be little more than wastes of time, or perhaps salve for crushed spirits.

I understand, I empathize even, but I do not want to go down that path, so I cast off these aspects of what is “my culture, mayne.” That is not said to put down my racial brethren, but to try to get you to think. If what you are doing is not getting you where you need to go, it may hurt your ego, it may feel like you are disrespecting your ancestors or contemporaries, and it may even be frightening, but you have to throw away the chaff.

If the ancestors are indeed looking down on us, and if your Brothas really want to succeed and want you to succeed, then they should understand that alternative roads to real success must be taken. People that are really on your side and wish you well will cheer for you when you reach the mountaintop. If they are not on your side, however, then why would you give a fuck about what they think, unless, of course, they have dominion over you.

Fuck Equality

Let’s face the fact that nobody really wants to be equal. Equality probably only appeals to use as Black folks because we are at the bottom. Working a five-figure corporate job certainly appeals to someone that is hustling behind a fast food counter, but would you really settle for that if you could do more? If you could do it, you would probably conquer the world. Don’t lie. I’ll be first to tell you that I’d be the Black Napoleon of the Far East if I could get away with it.

Instead of trying to be equal to Whites and others, or even trying to crawl up to them like little puppy dogs yipping “See massa, I’ze just as good as you,” why not try to focus on your own objectives and kick ass, crushing whatever is in your way. A pipe dream, perhaps. Maybe even 20/20 hindsight for generations long past, but the concept is at least sound and in my opinion, what life should really be about.

Might is Right alluding to revolution

Fuck the Golden Rule

The Golden Rule, doing unto others as you would have them do unto you, does seem like it would benefit a polite society. However, when elements of society are not so polite, this rule goes out the window.

Are you going to be kind to an armed intruder just because you would want them to be kind to you? I sure hope not, or I would dare say that your stupid ass deserves to die.

Hopefully, you are going to aerate the fucker like a putting green. You do unto others as they do unto you at the very least. Those that want to take things a step further might do unto others and do it first, or do unto others whatever is necessary to get their way. I’ll admit that I am not trying to be dreadful here, which may indeed be a weakness, but that does not mean that there aren’t others out there that have no qualms in taking things to the extremes to have their way. At least know about the possibility so that you may hedge against it.

Doing unto others and thinking that everyone is going to reciprocate kindness is arguably why the Black community has been trampled on generation after generation. For all of you people out there that want to say that it’s 2015 and… It’s 2015, going into 2016, and your asses still haven’t learned.

Man’s Laws are Subjective

Might is Right explores the usage of man's laws

As Black people, we are quick to talk about double standards in the law when it comes to the treatment of certain offenses, and offenses committed by certain people. I do not have direct experience with the legal system, but I certainly can believe that double standards, most of which are detrimental to us, do indeed exist.

Laws, as they are enacted today, are written and passed to benefit those that are in power. They stifle the advancement of some, and cement the positions of others. When the law of man is trespassed, depending on the vantage point of society at large, and the position of the offender, laws are amended to give the would-be criminal a pass, or used to their fullest extent to punish an individual that is seen in an unpopular light.

The laws of man and the hypocrisies thereof are clear illustrations of the real Laws of Survival and Force.

It’s Really Going to Piss You Off!

As a fair warning, a lot of what you will read in Might is Right is going to make your blood boil. There is quite a bit of racial language, and if you are religious, the entire second chapter is going to get you steamed.

Racial language in Might is Right
Chinamen make a good “model minority” buffer class and Chinese poontang is good though, eh?

Power through it though because you might learn something. A dose of something other than big cellulite booties and feel-good rhetoric might just wake you up before harsh reality gives you a wake up call that you will not wake up from, so to speak.

While Might is Right might be shocking to some that have lived their lives being coddled or seeking to be coddled, believing in a world of so-called fairness, it is worth reading, even to learn about how harsh the world can be. The potential lessons in this book are too numerous to list. Pick up a copy on Amazon if you want to see how far the rabbit hole goes.