About General Quarters

Welcome to General Quarters, my blog about personal development and my travels to East Asia.

I am not here to spout out a bunch of self-help stuff or copy and paste from other blogs. I hope to give readers entertainment, enlightenment, or at least intrigue. At the bare minimum, I hope that your time reading this blog is well-spent.

This is a journey for me, literally and metaphorically, so I hope that we can all learn from each other as we make our journeys.

Important Notes

  • The end destination on the itinerary is uncompromising victory. Let’s see if we can get there.
  • My victory takes precedence over yours.
  • I am a heterosexual Black Man with Yellow Fever, which likely puts me at odds with you. I still hope that you get something out of your experience here.
  • I write based on what is on my mind. This means that some topics may contradict others. Some topics may contradict themselves. I have found that life sometimes throws such scenarios at us, and my writing will likely reflect this at times.
  • There may be affiliate links in some of my posts. Nobody is forcing you to buy anything, and if you chose to do so, it comes at no additional cost to you. Just wanted to give you a heads up though.

Glad to have you aboard, and I hope that you enjoy your stay.


“Grand Admiral” Denzel Bryant