Has Tyrone Magnus Gone Simp?

Tyrone Magnus is one of the most successful Black male YouTubers online right now. His natural charisma and the trendy, oftentimes nerdy, topics that he discusses has garnered him over a million subscribers and crossover success.

YouTuber Tyrone Magnus

While Tyrone Magnus was never officially part of the Manosphere, I did find many of his videos inspirational during my heavy personal development phase three years ago. The fact that he was a Black man discussing nerdy topics without being a complete dweeb or weirdo also gave me confidence. Like Tyrone Magnus, I could work on myself, hit the gym, but still enjoy Star Wars or a bit of the old gaming.

As many of you may know, segments of the online (and offline) world are currently engaged in a gender war. Some historians chronicle multiple gender wars since the advent of social media; we are in the third or fourth one by their records. Personally, I see this is one continuity of humanity’s history; modern technology, laws, and social mores have reacted to yield the “gender war” that we see today.

While I find it fruitless to devote too much time actively engaging in “woman-bashing” activities, I have found that shaming men for partaking in these activities equally fruitless. I’ll get into that part later.

Recently, Tyrone Magnus released a seventeen-minute video entitled “Men That Bash Women” (see below). In this video, Magnus berates men that complain about being overlooked by women:

To be fair, Magnus speaks on how both sides of the argument lack understanding what elements of the other side values. He also speaks of how one must develop and master themselves to present the best version of themselves to the world. In other words, “unfuck yourself.”

Verdict: One Video does not a Simp Make

To be honest, I do not watch Tyrone Magnus videos on a regular basis to come up with a complete verdict, but this one video does not make Tyrone Magnus a simp in my eyes. He lays down a lot of facts in this video that men may not want to hear, but they are facts, to a certain extent.

The video does not dig into the female nature of branch-swinging, extreme hypergamy, and the fact that the social mores of today do not punish skanky behavior. The video also does not mention that women are rewarded and coddled by society. Tyrone Magnus does not make “MGTOW-esque” videos though, so I would not expect him to.

Tyrone Magnus makes valid points in his video. As men, we should work to build ourselves. This may not be what we want to hear, but it is the truth. Just don’t do it on bended knee for the aproval of women; do it for yourself. It is wise to note the nature of females (and that of all people), but many of the TFLers, [low-tier] MGTOW, and incels would be better off working on themselves and perhaps building a social network than sitting online complaining about women all day.

Today’s age is heavily biased against everyday men, this much is true. That is all the more reason why as men, we should seek to better ourselves and our positions on a daily basis. Let’s not waste our time, fellows.