Shuyi Li, WMAF, and Black Men

Shuyi Li, a 28-year-old Chinese woman, was found slain in her apartment on September 18th, 2017. The suspect was not a dangerous heigui, despite their presence in Georgia. It wasn’t even some deranged beta Asian male that was jelly of her swinging from White cock to White cock.

Brian Marsh Semrinec - killer
Courtesy Shanghaiist

This time, the suspect was her own “heroic White prince,” Brian Marsh Semrinec.

Semrinec was known for harboring racist views against Blacks, adding further confirmation to Eurasian Tiger’s theory of racist White men pairing with Asian females.

This news has gone viral in China, but don’t start celebrating yet, Black man. Issues like this have occurred in the past, and Asian women still adore White men. There have been countless Black men that have bent over backwards to prove that we are not all bad. Guess what? Asian women still bend over forwards for White men without giving a Black man a second look.

As a Black man with Yellow Fever, I am indeed jealous; it is only natural. When things like this happen, I would love nothing more than to “stick it to the man.” However, experience and observation inform me that that nothing is really going to change.

That being said, what should we as Black men do?

Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

Since there is nothing that can realistically be done, we should simply have a chuckle at the situation and keep working on our own endeavors. Just like in investing, we should only invest what we can afford to lose, and make wise decisions. I have read the charts (looked at history) and know that Asian women are still going to drool over White boys. Even if there is a shift in perspective, it will not likely benefit Black men unless we come to the table with something to offer. It follows that we should spend our time building that value.

Trying to tell Asian women that you are nice will not turn them on. This is the same spiel that the nerd tries to play when girls give it all up to Chad Thundercock. The “nice guy” game is just as ineffective on a racial level as it is on an individual level.

Shuyi Li
I have no sympathy for her, and you shouldn’t either.

The way I see it, one enemy is in the grave (Shuyi probably harbored anti-Black racist views), and another that might be going to prison. Perhaps Semrinec will take a trip to Tallahassee before he gets locked away.