PewDiePie, the “N-Word,” and the Black Response

Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, better known as PewDiePie, is a famous YouTube gamer who has been in the spotlight as of late. Is it due to him being the most subscribe to YouTuber in the history of the site? Yes, but he has been in the crosshairs of online media due to politically incorrect antics. His latest antic, was the usage of the word “nigger.”

PewDiePie and a Nigger Dog
Courtesy IGN

Anyone that participates in online gaming knows that the usage of the word “nigger” on gaming servers is commonplace. I do not say this to excuse PewDiePie, but rather to raise the question as to why people are so shocked. This is a part of the paradigm shift in society that I and many others have warned about. Open anti-Black racism is en vogue in 2017, and whining, moral-high-ground taking, marching, and protesting will not change a thing.

If these tactics were effective, I would encourage them. As “conservative” as I may seem, and being somewhat against modern political correctness, I still do what benefits me.

However, PewDiePie is well-entrenched in wealth, success, and power. Getting suspended from YouTube, or censored will not faze him much. He has his “Bro Army” of followers, and will likely get support from the Alt-Right. He is White, says politically incorrect things, has a mass following, got the SJWs in an uproar, and used an anti-Black racial slur. Using other platforms or creating his own would be less convenient, but feasible, and he would likely garner the support of millions.

The Black Response

That being said, Black people should not be surprised at all about this scenario, as it is par for the course. We should not waste time making videos about the incident as that only gives him more attention and more power. Let the corporations deal with him if they can. Unless you have the power to hit PewDiePie in the pocketbook (or the face, if you want to utilize the most basic of all forms of Power), then focusing your attention on him, his usage of the word nigger, or any other controversial things he may have done is a waste of your time.

Instead, we should support Black gaming channels, such as ItsReal85 and Gaming Illuminaughty. We should also work on developing ourselves in all aspects of life. This is easier said than done, but it must be done. Focusing on social media without profiting from this focus is an extreme time drain, and wastes our most precious resource.

My Stance on the Word “Nigger”

The word nigger has been used in America since the country’s inception, and will likely never go away. Some anti-Black racists love to hide behind the fact that rap music uses the term, and that Black people often use the word “nigga” as a term of endearment. This is an argument for them to be able to use freedom of speech to defend them calling us niggers.

Still, I do not believe in using the word as a term of endearment, to take away its power, or for any other reason other than to shame and insult. I likely have and probably will slip at times in the future. The word “nigga” is used liberally in song lyrics, and is sadly, a part of everyday language for many American Blacks and members of other races.

This is a habit, like many others that “feel good” but aren’t good for you, that is better broken.

To paraphrase Malcolm X, “niggers exist.” These degenerates must be called out not to make non-Blacks feel good, but to clean up the riff-raff that is destroying us from the inside. The word nigger, with an extremely hard ‘R,’ should be reserved as the knockout punch after throwing the jabs of “coon” and “nignog.” The word should not be used for anything but derogatory or descriptive purposes, at least in my opinion. Any non-Black using it should be assumed racist.


PewDiePie will be OK. The question is, will you be OK?

The answer lies in your actions. Use your time wisely to adapt to the “new world” that we live in, and you might just make it. Waste your time fighting social media battles, and you are bound to get fucked up. The choice is yours.

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