The Transsexual Agenda Poses a Danger to Society

Long gone are the days when the word stealth referred to the F-117A Nighthawk, or avoiding detection in a game of Metal Gear Solid. These days, the word stealth has taken on a completely new, nefarious meaning.

F-117A Nighthawk stealth fighter.
This is what stealth meant to me as a kid.

In today’s insane society, stealth can refer to a transsexual that has not been exposed for what they really are. To put it bluntly, a real trap.

Women can revoke consent years after a sexual encounter and have a man tried for rape. Men that remove condoms during sex without consent of their partners can be charged with rap. Wouldn’t it make sense to apply similar laws to transsexuals that lie about or fail to disclose their birth gender? In the spirit of equality, of course.

If the transsexual agenda is to have its way, no.

I guess that some people are more “equal” than others.

The danger posed by the transsexual community is the destruction of masculinity and femininity as nature intended it. This, in turn, leads to the destruction of the family and more societal instability in an already volatile world.

What is worse are the transsexuals that argue that a cisgendered heterosexual (in other words, a normal, natural-born straight man) is not gay for getting with a known transsexual, and that trans-“women” are real women too. This is insulting to natural-born women, and something that I as a straight man cannot go along with. A transsexual should be up front about what they are, especially in a world where people have fought so hard to be recognized as what they are.

There exists the threat of violence for stealth transsexuals that succeed in trapping straight men. The average straight man does not want to be with a transsexual. Not only is it disgusting, but it is also deceitful.

My advice for transsexuals that do not want to be “victims” of violence from “evil” straight men is to simply leave us alone. Go for the [disgusting if you ask me] males that want to associate with that mess. Have your own dating communities. Realize that the general public does not want anything to do with you, and act accordingly. Stay away from straight men that are not interested in trannies and you won’t get hurt. Otherwise, it could be argued that your actions are rape, and that the man is correct to defend himself.

Transsexual B2 Stealth Bomber
This is what stealth means in today’s world…

The Danger of Trannies in the Black Community

What disgusts me is that in the Black Community, if that term can even be used anymore, a transsexual or homosexual is more acceptable than a man that engages in a heterosexual, interracial relationship. Indeed, interracial relationships can be deleterious to the Black race (for reasons such as resources leaving the community and mixed children having identity issues), but at least heterosexual interracial couple can have children and build natural families! Transgendered and homosexual relationships cannot yield offspring naturally, and are thus just as destructive if not more so.

Moreover, the push of the LGBTWXYZ agenda further assaults masculinity, disrupting a necessary force for the maintenance of stable families. Without a core of family stability, society itself is torn asunder. These agendas also destroy and mock natural femininity, which is a needed force for stable families as well. With all of the issues that we are dealing with as a folk, we are in need more than ever for strong male leadership. The lack of fatherhood, brotherhood, and masculine mentoring of young Black men will lead to yet another lost generation, if the generation even survives, that is.

It is for this reason that I am happy that the Black Manosphere exists and continues to develop. While I do not agree with every philosophy that members of the Black Manosphere bring to the table, at the very least, they are a bastion of Black masculine and enterprise.

The development of philosophy and exchange of ideas are grand, but real power must be acquired. The next moves of the Black Manosphere to counter this madness should be garnering resources and getting into a position to effect laws.


These are very perilous times to be a man in the West, particularly for the Beta. It appears that there is no room for masculinity unless you are a designated Alpha that society accepts and deems as such. For the rest of us, we are stuck accepting madness as a way of life.

Brothers, do not get caught riding the Tranny DF Express. Maybe a pocket ultrasound Android app will be worth investing in for dating until this madness blows over…