Trump and Immigration Ban: Where Should Blacks Stand?

Over the weekend, the world watched as numerous people protested as JFK International in New York City. Trump’s ban on immigration has gone into effect, halting some Muslim immigrants. Is this racist? Is it time for Black people to take a stand?

An Injustice Anywhere is an Injustice Everywhere

If this is true, then where were the Muslims, Hispanics, Asians, and so on when Black people are in need? I’ll answer that one for you: they are busy talking shit about us online and taking advantage of us with their businesses.

Mexican racist comment on YouTube
One of your Latino “brothers of color” at it again…

With this knowledge in mind, is it our duty to stand up against anti-immigrant policies? Is there some sort of moral high ground that we should continue to try to climb while the rest of the world attains the real high ground?

My answer is that Black folks should sit back in the cut. Observe, prepare, and capitalize while working on fixing our own problems.

You may be thinking that if they can get them, they can get all of us. Well, newsflash: They have been getting us, and these immigrants have been part of the team that is getting us. These people are fair-weather friends at best, and are nowhere to be found when we are in need.

Even without the malice that is shown towards us, these groups are competitors for limited resources, and it is beyond foolish to support more of them coming into the United States of America. When I say prepare, I mean prepare yourselves, keeping in mind that on a racial level, you have no allies.

JFK Immigration Protest

Realize that the world is a cold place, and people are only interested in you if you can provide them with value. You must also learn from your mistakes, and realize that in the eyes of non-Blacks, Black people are not seen as valuable allies and are not wanted. Your ways of going about things will not win you friends, but only gain contempt.

Let the immigrants, whether it be Cubans, Muslims, Mexicans, or otherwise handle their own damn problems.

If you fail to heed this warning, Black folks, you will find yourself continuing to lag behind these groups and begging them for crumbs.

  • While everyone was going on and marching, I was just sitting back and eating pancakes. Such a waste of time those marches were. THEN Beyonce announces her pregnancy and everyone goes to that.

    Protesting in the current year is funny.