TheGrandAdmiral Locked Out of Twitter

Those of you that know me know that Twitter is the only social media site that I use aside from YouTube and G+, which kinda don’t count. Well, I did try a stint over at Tsu, but I only ended up making a few cents.

GAGainz on Twitter, locked account!

Well, unfortunately, as you can see above, Twitter did not like my content and decided to lock me out. I can either give them my phone number, censor myself, or stay off of their platform.

Realistically speaking, I would not be welcome on Gab, which is more of a home to the Alt-Right. Twitter is probably the best home for me on social media if I want to interact with a wide audience.

Should I complain or “baw” about it? Not really. I know, freedom of speech, blah, blah, blah, but once again, as a Black man, I am not really going to be defended by that crowd. Freedom of speech is something that I believe in, at least to a degree. I do not own Twitter though, so like it or not, I have to follow their rules. Even in the digital world, Might is Right.

Twitter censorship bird cage jail
The caged bird cannot sing on Twitter…

Something that has always perplexed me about the Alt-Right and conservatives in general is how their belief in property and freedom of speech conflict. This is readily apparent online when blocked trolls claim that site owners are violating their First Amendment rights. My property and peace of mind come first in my book, so just as I would exercise my Second Amendment rights in real life, I will exercise my ability to block people that only come with hostility to my pages.

Social media has changed that way that we can interpret freedom of speech. If Person A has a site or social media presence and Person B wants to troll them, is blocking Person B violating freedom of speech, or is it protecting virtual property?

The question then, is whose freedom is more free, or rather, whose freedom supersedes that of others? The freedom of the person with the most power to wield, of course.

Twitter was a decent source of traffic, especially when raising hell. Maybe I’ll get it back and tone it down a bit (temporarily, at least).

Oh, and Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day. I hope that you use it to do something productive for yourselves.