Kim Kardashian Divorces Kanye West: My Thoughts

So it has finally happened: Kim Kardashian has divorced Kanye West. Personally, I saw this coming. The females of the Kardashian family prey upon Black men, drain them of their resources and mental faculties, and move on to the next. They are like modern-day succubi.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West rumors of divorce

Looking at this situation from a racial angle illustrates one of the dangers of interracial dating as a Black man. Black men lose out in divorces, and you can be guaranteed that those resources are not going to go back into the Black community. Love might not know boundaries, but ignorance does not make those boundaries go away.

It seems that nearly every high-profile interracial couple goes wrong somewhere. I place the blame squarely on the shoulders of Black men. Don’t get me wrong; I am not an opponent of interracial sexual engagements, but the #SYSBM mindset gets many Black men in trouble. Accepting a woman into one’s life just because they are a non-Black woman is like taking a stroll in a minefield.

Black men seem happy to take out the trash of other races. This does not always mean dating the ugly chicks, but this also includes women that mentally unstable, drugged up, hyper-slutty, and otherwise deficient. Most of these women should be used for a sport fuck or booty call and nothing more.

Keep in mind that Kim Kardashian came into the public eye primarily for getting fucked by Brandy’s little brother.

Sadly, many Black men are infatuated with the first non-Black woman that touches their ding-a-ling. They act like what they have is a gold medal when in reality it is one of those blue ribbons that everyone gets just for participating. They put rings on these hoes’ fingers and end up washed up a few years later, losing not only their resources but their means to rebuild their careers.

The Perspective of Value

While I typically side with the man in relationship issues, I cannot totally blame Kim K for splitting with Kanye. Yes, the legal system screws men over harder in divorce settlements, and all of that other MRA jazz, but should a woman stay with a man that does not provide value to her life?

Kim Kardashian with Ray J

Kanye West’s attitude is not conducive to the advancement of Kim Kardashian’s brand. While Kanye may be more talented than his wife, she has higher earning potential, making millions just for appearing at an event. Given West’s behavior at concerts, showing up and refusing to perform or giving lackluster performance to his fans, on top of his mental condition, it seems that his brand is on the decline.

Society may also put weight on their relationship for a variety of reasons. The fact is that Black men are innately less valuable in this world due to our position in it. Even if we are rich we will never be seen as equal to other races. Sad, but true.

If Kanye’s value is slipping, it is completely understandable that his Kardashian bride would want to leave him. In a relationship, both parties must contribute value and live up to the other’s expectations, or else things will go south (no pun intended). If Kim K wants her brand to continue ascending, she cannot remain associated with or tied to dead weight.

The Takeaway For You, Dear Reader

Usually, I do not follow celebrity news. I couldn’t care less about their lives when I am trying to live my own. However, there is a lesson in all of this for men that are in or want to get into the dating scene. You must build value.

This reality may seem cruel and unfortunate, but it is reality nonetheless. Notions of true, unconditional love belong within immediate families (if you are lucky) and storybooks. A man that fails to live up to the desired values of the women that he wants is going to end up alone. The universe, society, women, and other men don’t really care either, so our only option is to build value.

Just make sure that your value is not squandered or destroyed by undeserving strumpets.


I guess that I was wrong about Kim Kardashian and Kanye West divorcing. Maybe it is some of that fake news that they are talking about these days. At any rate, I still believe that it is only a matter of time before we hear about Kimye splitting up.