Personal Development: Accept no Substitutes

Sometimes, you just get a craving, a desire for something that you want. If you have ever had such a desire, you know that you cannot accept substitutes.

Affordable, delicious Chinese dumplings
These are good, but they are no substitutes for hash browns

I had a similar craving today, waking up this morning with a hankering for hash browns. In the remote district of Dongguan where I am currently typing this post, hash browns are hard to come by, despite the numerous Burger King ripoffs (汉堡王子) in the area.

I asked my friend if there were any McDonald’s restaurants in the area, to which he responded they were very far away. He then suggested a litany of traditional Chinese breakfast foods that I could try.

Now I have developed a liking for quite a few Chinese dishes in my time spent here in the Middle Kingdom. I also appreciate my friend and the kindness that he has shown me; for that, I am eternally grateful. However, I m not one to accept substitutes. I wanted hash browns, and hash browns I would have.

To make a long story short, I did some walking around and came across a KFC that I remembered seeing near the coach terminal that I first arrived at here. I quickly entered and had my hash browns. Sure, it was not the healthiest breakfast, but it was what I wanted. My craving was satisfied.

My personality has always been this way. That is why I am typing this blog post from China instead of in America with an overweight White or Hispanic woman in my bed. If life is about getting what we want, we should strive for what we want instead of settling all of the time.

Life Contradicts This Advice

Unless we are at the top, life does not always give us what we want. Worse yet, we cannot always attain what we desire even with our sincerest efforts. There are some cases where we have to settle for substitutes, at least temporarily.

For example, if you dream of becoming a successful YouTuber, you probably won’t start earning big in your first year. To be honest, you probably won’t start earning enough to pay for gas. Since you will still need to eat, you are going to have to work at least a part-time job, maybe one that you hate. In this case, you should work that job while spending as much time as you can on building your YouTube channel.

This morning, I had a hankering for hash browns. I was hungry, but I wasn’t starving. Had I been starving and on the cusp of death, it would have behooved me to eat whatever I could to survive, even if it wasn’t to my tastes.

Yet Again, I Contradict Myself

A sad reality of real life is that we cannot always get exactly what we want. When it comes to girls, I know that I am not a tall, handsome, super-duper White guy. As a short Black guy, I am automatically limited in the value that I can provide in the sexual marketplace. As Ed Latimore states, to have standards, we must provide value to others.

Many of you reading this are probably in a similar predicament. You feel that you are unattractive, which is why you scour the Web for dating advice. Doing the work to improve yourself is all the advice that you need. Work on yourselves and if possible, utilize your environment or change your environment to get the results that you want.

This does not mean that you will be banging hot Japanese pornstars just because you hit the gym once. You will probably never meet one, that is unless you are Shaun Webb.

Busty Japanese AV star Hitomi Tanaka

You don’t have to settle for “Fat Sweaty Betty” though. I won’t even advise you to hit that trash if you are in desperate need of a lay. You can at least get a decent-looking woman that fits your tastes somewhat. Maybe she won’t be Hitomi Tanaka, but she will be someone that suits your tastes and fits your level.

Sometimes we have to accept not getting exactly what we want, especially if we have completely unrealistic standards. Remember that we must provide value of some kind to get what we want. I paid money to get my hash browns, and I hit the gym and worked on myself to get the girls that I have had in my life. The struggle never ends, but it has paid off.

Having realistic standards, rising to and exceeding those standards, and knowing to never lower the bar past a certain point has helped me dramatically in my life. Sometimes, I have had to filter out those that wanted to push me in directions that I did not want to go that would not be profitable to my advance. The nignog that wants every Black man to pedestalize “theek ‘Snow Bunnies’ and Latinaz mayne” like he does is to be ignored; power will have to be attained and in some cases exercised as force to deal with the more dangerous Alt-Right “AZN QT 3.14s are for us; no niggers allowed” types.

The acquisition and utilization of power shows itself in all things.


I encourage you to assess your standards, not just with women, but in all aspects of life. Do you believe that your goals are attainable? Can you provide the necessary value or build the necessary value to get what you want? Are there any areas where you are willing to accept substitutes or do without, and if so, for how long?

Come up with a list of standards and answer these questions. Get a bearing of where your life is going. Until next time, I will be doing the same.