Why Black People MUST Read MAGA Mindset

Donald Trump is now the President-elect of the United States of America. Many are cowering in fear with the coming inauguration of President Trump. and given the beliefs and actions of many of his supporters, this fear may be justified.

If you are afraid, then you must prepare.

When I spoke about Trump on my blog and on other forms of social media, I along with many other Black people, were referred to as coons. You did not understand the point that I was trying to make. I fully understand that many Trump supporters and the Alt-Right are indeed anti-Black racists. Of course, I never did support those beliefs, but knew that Trump stood a good chance of winning the election. What I wanted to do was urge you to prepare for the coming storm.

Mike Cernovich's MAGA Mindset

One way to prepare for the Trump presidency and the new world that we are entering is to read MAGA Mindset. Like Cernovich’s other book, Gorilla Mindset (which I mentioned last year) MAGA Mindset is a great personal development book with plenty of tips to lead a successful life. Unlike Gorilla Mindset, however, this book contains more political references, and is obviously written with White males in mind.

I have no problem with this. My blog is primarily written for Black males, maybe even Black males with Yellow Fever specifically. Maybe that is why my numbers aren’t booming, but I digress. The fact that MAGA Mindset is written for White males and the Alt-Right is still beneficial to Black readers. It is going to let you know what you are going to be facing in the future.

The Alt-Right. the new White, does not care about shaming language. They do not care about being called racist. The old tactics which brought us crumbs at best in the past will not even yield these results. Expect such tactics to merely enrage the beast and justify their actions under the dicta of “The New Moral High Ground.”

Getting Our Acts Together

A Trump presidency might just be the fire under our asses that makes us pull together as a race. If Trump actually does follow through with his plans, developing economically may become easier. Social development will likely become more challenging. As the Hoteps and Booker T. Washington mentioned, economic development is the foundation of success. Social and political movements without economic backing are almost guaranteed to fail.

This is a lesson that we as a people have learned the hard way, and will continue to learn under Trump.

Still, the lessons in MAGA Mindset can apply to our lives, even if the author and the majority of its readers may not be our friends. For example, Cernovich claims that White people are tired of having to hold their tongues. They are tired of being “cucked.” From my perspective, the same applies to the heterosexual Black man and resonates with us much deeper.

We as a race will also have to stop being “cucked.” We will have to learn the tricks and tactics of our adversaries and use them for our own gain. MAGA Mindset is just one of many books that I suggest that can help you to this end.

I urge you to check out MAGA Mindset; it really is worth reading. If you do not want to give money to someone that you may see as a political adversary, then you can listen to the audiobook for free below.

You can call it ultimate content appropriation. Enjoy!