Donald Trump and the Abundance Mindset

We hear a lot about the abundance mindset in the personal development community. In my personal opinion, it is one of the hardest mindsets to develop, especially if you come from nothing. Abundance builds upon itself, much like confidence.

Donald Trump shows a mindset of abundance

The presidential run of Donald Trump is one example of the abundance mindset. Even if Trump loses, he will still likely come out on top. Of course, he will still have his money, but he will have even more notoriety. Surely, he has created a new political landscape, and has contributed to the popularization of political incorrectness.

This could lead to the next portion of Donald Trump’s empire: Trump TV. According to Investopedia, Trump is rumored to be planning a television network should he fail to be elected as president. The movement that Trump has started is not going to go away any time soon, and it will provide a sizable viewership.

Turning Defeat into Victory

While a successful television network is not the same as holding the Oval Office, it would still work to expand Trump’s brand and influence. Since he has a such a mass following, such a network that caters to the Right and Alt-Right would be a guaranteed success.

We can do the same, depending on our circumstances. While most of us do not have the resources to turn our childhood doodles into animated features, we can at least learn from our mistakes. Some attempts may even gain a small following, and therein lies power. Even if our efforts are completely fruitless, we can learn from them. It may be hard, but we can always reframe things. The question is, whether or not we want to.

Having a Backup Plan

Once again, the world is more accessible to people with resources and power such as Trump, but having a good contingency plan can provide abundance. Having multiple ways out of a situation gives us greater freedom to operate. With freedom and ability come abundance. If we are stuck on one path or with one method, then it will be more difficult to develop and abundance mindset. As the saying goes, we should not put our eggs into one basket.

It is easy for Donald Trump to have an abundance mindset due to his connections and resources. However, us plebeians can still find ways to maximize the resources that we do have access to.

Location, Location, Location

As much as we are factors in the equation of abundance, our environment does play a major role. America is a land of hostile competition and scarcity. Scarcity exists everywhere, as does abundance, but China is a place where I have easier access to abundance. Location and environment are factors that should be taken into consideration. If we are not valued in one locale, it may be time to try another. This does not give us an excuse to stop working to improve ourselves, however.

Food from a student
China has been very, very good to me.

The abundance mindset is something that I am trying to develop. None of it really seems to work for me (at least in situations of scarcity), but neither does focusing on negativity without seeking solutions.

Perhaps we must be proactive in seeking abundance, rather than merely rethinking things or having positive mindsets. This ties back into seeking better locations, and increasing our skillsets. Positive thinking is great, but believing that thinking alone will change our circumstances is just like praying without acting. This is without the barbecue after Sunday’s service, at least for my Black, and perhaps Southern readers.

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