Blacks are Inferior as a Race

Yes, you read it correctly. Black people are inferior to other races on this earth.

No, this is not a self-hating rant.

No, this is not one of my spells of depression. Yes, looking at the position of the Black race in this world can be depressing, but this is not a pity-party article.

Jordan crying because Black people are inferior
Michael Jordan weeps at the inferior state of Black folks.

Stepping back and looking at the material world objectively, it is plain to see that Black people are not doing too well. If we were, there would be little need to complain about racism.

Maybe we built the pyramids. What are we doing now?

Maybe we have bigger dicks (BBCs mayne), but which girls want to ride them on average?

Perhaps our melanin gives us 360 degrees of spiritual consciousness, but where are the tangible benefits?

“We can stand in the sun mayne,” you may say. So can other races with sunblock or umbrellas. They can make monetary and social advances with relative ease as well. Looks like they have the advantage.

Any way you slice it, Black is not really the thing to be. This does not mean that there are not Black people who have made it, are making it, or will make it. Being Black makes it much more difficult and really has few if any advantages in this world. It follows that Black people are inferior as a race.

There is a lot of information online about Black inferiority. Maybe it is because we are genetically less intelligent than other races. Maybe it is our looks. Perhaps it is a combinations of various factors. Scientific and pseudo-scientific studies are easy to find if you look for them.

The thing is, most of this information comes from those that do not have our best interests in mind. Is this information to be trusted? Are Black people innately inferior and hopeless as a people?

Just as I stated about my journey to China, we will never know until we put forth an honest try. With all of information posted online, it is easy to get depressed. Couple this with a life where you are not considered valuable, it is understandable how one can develop a bleak outlook on life.

It may be difficult, and many of us may fall, but we must persevere and try to dig ourselves out of the mire that we are in. If we cannot, then perhaps it is our destiny to be failures, but we are guaranteed failure if we do not put forth an effort.

The World Luh [Loves] Us Mayne

Speaking of China, it is my time in the Middle Kingdom that taught me that I am valuable.

I taught English and mathematics in China, a country that they say that a Black man cannot make it in. China is a country where I learned that I have value and purpose after my years in America beat me down.

Maybe Black people should look abroad if we have talents. Perhaps more of us should take our skills and resources to places where we will be more valued. Perhaps, at the very least, more Black folks should travel and work abroad to learn more about the world and various opportunities that exist outside of the United States.

I cannot go so far as to say that the world loves us, but I will say that other countries sometimes offer a lot more in terms of quality of life. White men have certainly discovered this, and it is time that Black people realize this as well.

We cannot go around thinking that the world wishes to imitate us. This is not based in reality. Sure, they will take aspects of “our culture,” but they are much too smart to emulate the inferior Black race.

Blacks are inferior and historically irrelevant
Other races have learned to profit off of us. Doesn’t mean that they “luh” us.

The Korean knows to monetize their own culture and rebrand what they take from others. The feckless nignog is still bickering with their racial compatriot by shaming them for taking from, or even having an interest in a different culture.

Many Black people just have no understanding of the way that the world works. I admit that I do not know everything, but the way that many Black people think is simply baffling. Our inability to respond in turn and “appropriate back,” at least on a small scale, puzzles me.

Do We Glorify Inferiority?

In the realm of beauty standards, it seems that the Black race goes out of its way to glorify inferiority. I most certainly understand rejecting European standards of beauty. To do so to the point where we are walking around calling landwhales beautiful is madness, however.

This is what Black guys should find attractive?
Thirsty Negroes lust after this on social media. At least they are not pining over the White landwhales

The same mentality can be seen among many when it comes to thinking outside of the box. The same people that claim that Blacks are the original man and invented everything will denounce a Black person that wants to broaden their horizons. Of course it’s not all, and there are many admirable Black folks trying to better themselves as individuals and as a race. It still remains that many Black children and even adults are chastised by their peers for not being “down” with whatever typically self-destructive behavior is in fashion.

I cannot put a finger on why we as a race make being inferior something to be proud of. Is it because we have been beaten so badly that we have no self-belief and have to feel good about something? Is it because of the “everybody wins” mentality espoused by the Left? For all I know, we could have forgotten that we have to “turn shit to sugar,” not claim that shit is sugar.

Perhaps the problem runs deeper than I know or care to find out. All that I know is that there is nothing good about being inferior, and nothing good about being a victim.

Some say that Black people are not victims. Personally, I am inclined to disagree. No good can come out of remaining in a state of perpetual victimhood. It may seem as such in the “Victimhood Olympics” that modern American politics has become, where even White men who are at the top of the food chain claim to be slighted, but remember that these White men have power. Power is where it’s at, not legitimate powerlessness.

Yet the Nignog Remains Proud

“We the best.”

“We wuz kangz.”

Sure, we were kings. Now, we are paupers, slaves, and statistics by and large.

What does this consciousness or “wokeness” do for us?

I am an advocate of learning history and its various lessons. I cannot advocate holding on to ideas that are fruitless though. The best thing that the African American debate community has done is sell DVDs and circulate a bit of money in the community. A small start, I suppose.

Perhaps I am also a part of the problem. Personal development is great, but eventually, we have to move on and develop ourselves professionally and put our skills into practice if we are to advance. The same concept applies to both individuals and groups.

Maybe I am too introspective, maybe neurotic. Maybe I should be more like the proud nignog, boastful despite having no status. It is a phenomenon that has perplexed me for as long as I can remember. If that daring confidence could be blended with capability, there is no telling how far we could get.


Is the Black race done for?

Sometimes it seems that we are.

Maybe it is an inescapable turn of fate that we are to meet our destruction. If we do not try to improve either as groups or as a whole, we are done for, just like the incel that never tries to talk to girls will be doomed to a lifetime of masturbation.

If you cannot make it where you are, know that there is an entire world in which to gain value and realize your value. My strongest piece of advice for young, educated Black men that are not satisfied where they are is to travel. Not just to Brazil, and certainly not to trick. Travel to expand your mind and horizons.

If you want to get started where you are, 32 Shards of Thought will give you the tools needed to build the foundation.

Until next time.

  • Deserttrek

    Found your blog and stop by now and then to get a point of view from a distance regarding many issues here in the USA. Wish I was younger, as your experiences in China are akin to a pioneer in a new age.
    This piece is powerful and sadly will not get the national attention it should. As an older white guy who saw separate doors and bathrooms for racial reasons, it pains me to see people wanting to embrace division for whatever reason. Seems like the SOP nowadays is just that. Divide and conquer.

    Stay well

    • It seems like integration isn’t quite working out. Maybe that was the point all along to get people riled up. On a micro level, it seems possible, but might not be possible on a large scale.

      Cheers, and thanks for your comment.

  • reezy

    “Maybe it is because we are genetically less intelligent than other races.” This factor alone accounts for the vast majority of the inequalities we see in the world today between blacks and other ethnic groups. It is what it is.

    Reading some of your posts, you clearly don’t represent the vast majority of black Americans, a fact you’re very well aware of surely. Of course you should encourage your brethren with the abilities and the chutzpah to do what it takes to improve their own situations. However do not expect most black people to be able to integrate well into highly competitive societies like China or Japan if they cannot even do so in America, where there exists way more institutional support.

  • Nacer AZ

    You didn’t build the Pyramids, this is just part of the lies afrocentrists tell you to make you feel better.

    You never built any civilization because you have an inferior intelligence to other races, this is the ugly truth.