Hong Kong: Good for Business, Bad for Living

As you are aware, I had to perform a visa run a few weeks ago in Hong Kong. I am now back in Guangzhou, happy to be in the opportunity-rich Mainland of China.

Flag of Hong Kong

My first impressions of HK were overall less than outstanding. After returning from “Asia’s World City” and reflecting upon my time there, my impressions remain overall unchanged. I find Mainland China to be a much better place to live with many more opportunities.

This, of course, comes from my personal perspective. Personally, I strongly prefer the company of Northeast Asians to multiculturalism. Slight chaos and the vacuum that it creates is enjoyable to me if I can be the one to fill it. I am not a business mogul or banker, but a mere educator with a command of the English language and mathematics.

My skillset and preferences make Mainland China a better place for me to live. Hong Kong certainly has its benefits over the Middle Kingdom proper, especially for entrepreneurs.

Benefits of Business in Hong Kong

If you are more entrepreneurial-minded, Hong Kong has China beaten, at least for now. Sure, it is much easier to hustle in China due to “Whiteface” jobs and English schools, but the organization and laws of Hong Kong make building a business there a lot easier than in Mainland.

For instance, a business owner could hire themselves and attain residency status in Hong Kong, a difficult feat in China. The more organized laws of Hong Kong protect business owners from unscrupulous partners as well. Finally, one would not have to worry about having a Chinese partner with majority ownership of the company as they would in Mainland China.

I have a lot more research to do to fully understand the ins-and-outs of enterprise in Hong Kong and China, but these are just a few of the benefits of doing business in the former. “Asia’s World City” is still a vital hub of finance and trade in the Far East, and can serve as a base of operations for business.

Whether you want to build a business while living in China or take advantage of lower taxes than back home, HK might just prove to be a useful tool in your endeavors.

Victoria Harbour in Hong Kong
Victoria Harbour, not harbor. Very British.

I would still never live there, but if I ever build a trading company, Hong Kong is where I would register it.