America: Love It or Leave It?

If you don’t love America, you should leave it. A popular saying amongst those from the Right that often comes up as a counterargument to the grievances of Blacks living in America. The actions of Colin Kaepernick, for instance, have brought this out the America rah, rah, rah crowd.

Colin Kaepernick

If you have been living under a rock, Colin Kaepernick, quarterback of the San Francisco 49ers, refused to stand for the National Anthem in protest of the treatment of Blacks in the United States. This has drawn the ire of the Right, like just about anything else that a Black person does other than kissing White ass.

Some say that because Kaepernick makes millions as a starting quarterback in the NFL he has nothing to complain about. He has more privilege than many White people in the United States.

There is some truth to this, but when a “concerned citizen” can call the police on a Black celebrity in front of their own home, then it is reasonable to say that even Black celebrities can reasonably feel unsafe or at a disadvantage. Not a financial disadvantage, but a disadvantage nonetheless in American society. If any Black person points this out, we are met with the words “Love it or leave it.”

Personally, I must say that I agree. If life is bad in America, then we should find some other place where we can thrive.

I honestly believe that en masse, Blacks will never coexist with other races. Coons, the cucks of the Black race, may indeed subsist on low wages, crushed dreams, and ugly woman. On the other hand, the Black person that desires more will never be met with applause, but rather condemnation. This is the nature of competition.

Despite this reality, many of us find greater opportunities abroad. When the anti-Black racist tells you to go “back” to Africa, you don’t have to listen. Our ancestral roots are in Africa, but we are free to travel almost anywhere else on earth.

There are many other places to go in the world. Yes, racism is global, but there is still opportunity abroad. Depending on what your goals are, it might behoove you to look abroad. For instance, I would have never been able to climb out of debt or hustle like I have here in China in America.

Black folks are not the only ones finding greener pastures overseas. The very same racist non-Blacks telling you to go back to Africa have entire movements dedicated to going to other countries to find women, peace of mind, opportunities, and so forth. Maybe this is why they tell you to go specifically to Africa, not to Asia or Europe. (It is understandable for White nationalists in particular to tell you to stay out of Europe, but they have no birthright to tell you to stay out of Asia).

There is more to the world than America

Not saying that going to Africa is a bad thing either. I personally believe that if the Black race is to survive, we’ll have to build our Motherland. I just admit that I’d rather enjoy life and contribute from afar. Those of us that choose that option have a wide world to try out.

Maybe time abroad will give you the peace that you crave. Maybe it’ll make you appreciate America more. Whatever the case may be, I encourage Americans, especially Black people to travel.

You may just find, as I have, that being an American means more outside of the States.