Social Media is a Time Drain for Incels

Social media is ubiquitous to today’s society. People are glued to their computers and smartphones almost all day, every day. In America, a person that spends more time doing things in real life than liking photos on Instagram is seen as weird.

Social Media Platforms

I once told a gym buddy of mine that I don’t even have Instagram or Snapchat. He looked at me as if I had committed the highest act of sacrilege.

Social media is inescapable, even behind the Great Firewall of China. People can be seen chatting it up on their smartphones in restaurants, on the train, and walking down the street. WeChat is the Swiss Army Knife of apps here, and it is easy for one’s life to revolve around it. In all honesty, it is a useful tool. The same cannot be said about FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media platforms for the average American back home.

If these platforms are useless time drains for average Americans, then they are pits of profligacy for people that are below average.

One thing that I have noticed in the Black Community is the thirsty Black male using hours of his time liking posts by whatever female they fancy. If a girl is hot, or has a “phat ass,” then they can expect a torrent of virtual attention from hordes of thirsty dudes. These women will likely never give these guys attention in real life, yet the fantasy of getting their dick wet keeps thirsty, desperate dudes glued to their screens.

Said “thirsty niggaz” probably aren’t your average incels. They can probably score in their own dusty-ass microcosm, and likely lack the inhibition that seems to prevent the classic incel from making moves.

The fact remains that they waste precious time that they could be bettering their lives on social media, with little to no returns.

The social media platform of choice for classic incels is not the FaceBook group dedicated to “Thick Asians” or “Phat-Ass White Girls and Latinas.” The typical nerd does not spend their time saying “dayum she fine mayne” or leaving their phone numbers wishing that these girls would call them. No, the classic incel spends their time on Reddit or on forums in a circle jerk of negativity.

This is also a waste of time.

If the incel wants to step into the World of Pussy, then they are going to have to get off of their sorry asses and do something. Sitting around crying is not conducive to success; applied action is. Unless these forums are teaching you how to better yourself, then you’re just wasting your time.

When you waste your time, you make things even harder for yourself in the long run. Time is a commodity that we will never get back. We have to make sure to use every moment working towards our goals.

Some of you incels are going to have to be honest with yourselves. You only want attention. You only want someone to cry with, or someone to cry for you.

Nobody is going to cry for you, and even if they did, it’s not going to change a thing.

If you don’t believe me, the relationship between the Democratic Party and Black Americans is the perfect example.

Do you really want to get some balls-deep action? Then get up and do something. Start reading things that are going to edify you. Start using your time to build yourselves into better men.

That goes for my Black Brothers too that stay up all night on social media talking to bitches that’ll not only never give them play, but that they will likely never meet in person.

Social media hoes
This only works for very attractive dudes. In reality, you incels and thirsty niggaz are giving your attention to these hoes.

Social media is a great tool for communication and for business, but it’ll never be able to satisfy your thirst. Get out into the real world, build a brand or at the very least improve yourself.

Until next time,

“Grand Admiral” Denzel Bryant