How I Survive in “Anti-Black” China

So it seems that life as a Black man in China just can’t be good at all. According to Twitter’s @Calling_98, life in China must be hard because I am called a “hein something” on a daily basis here in “anti-Black” China.

Anti-Black China accusation
There is a bit of truth to what she says, but it’s not an everyday thing.

The word is hei gui (黑鬼), by the way. Yes, I was called this daily when I lived in Xi’an a couple of years ago. I also got free drinks (and more) every night on top of a salary that was three times the average there.

Being Black in China Ain’t Easy

It would be dishonest to say that China is not anti-Black. There most certainly is a high degree of White-worship here in this country. More importantly, there is disdain for Black people in China. Opportunities that members of other races can stroll to are denied to Black people on several occasions. I have heard numerous stories about it, and it has happened to me.

Still, despite these doors being closed on me, there are several open doors here in the Middle Kingdom. While Black people do not get the red carpet rolled out for us, there are plenty of Black people making a decent living and enjoying life here in China. I have met several Black teachers here, and some that hustle are able to get even more out of their lives in this country.

Do I believe that China beckons all Black people to come here and set up shop?

Of course not.

There are opportunities here though, and those of you reading this that care about the plight of Black people should take advantage of these opportunities before they are gone or taken by members of other races.

China Offered Me More

Life in China is better for me than life in America. Sure, there are hurdles to deal with, not all of them race-related, but China has its many perks. Firstly, it is easier to get a stable job for me. Secondly, the cost of living is lower, making it easier to save money and to survive. Thirdly, at least in my experience, Chinese people come off as less aggressively hostile in comparison to Americans of all races. Finally, and yes, it has to be said, there is a plethora of attractive women here.

Once again, China might not be for everyone, but it is the place that I need to be for the time being. Despite being “anti-Black” China has given a new lease on life to quite a few people of African descent, including Randall Fields, author of American Nightmare. Moving here for a year or so may be worth looking into for those that are interested.

Getting stared at while taking a photo in China
Oh no, the guy was staring at me. Maybe he didn’t like Black people; maybe he was curious. Didn’t effect me one bit.

It Sucks Being Black Almost Anywhere

Looking at the world, it seems that White supremacy, and more importantly, anti-Blackism, exist in some way shape or form everywhere. Black people tend to be looked down upon by all others. China is no exception to this harsh reality.

That being said, why not give the Middle Kingdom a try? If they hate me everywhere anyway, then I will look at the other pros and cons of life, and being Black in China isn’t all that bad.

Still, if you think that marching, crying, and begging your enemies solve problems, then you shouldn’t come to Asia at all. These tactics have not been effective in America, and they are not welcome in the People’s Republic of China.

You could get a teaching job and stack paper though. That money can then be used towards advancing Black causes. Just don’t teach at a training center if you can avoid it.

Until next time, your “oppressed” Black man in China,

Denzel Bryant

Oh, and P.S.: