What is a Coon, Really?

Coon is a racial slur aimed at members of the Black race that was solidified in the lexicon of the United States by the late 1800’s. In those days, it was mainly used by Whites to describe Black people that they looked down upon. In today’s society, however, the term coon is used by Blacks to describe other Blacks on the Internet, primarily.

Blackface coon image

Along with coon, other terms such as house nigger, sellout, Oreo, Sambo, and the misappropriated Uncle Tom flood Twitter, YouTube, and other social media sites. The question still remains as to what these terms really mean.

Allow your Admiral to explain.

A coon is simply a Black person that does things to impress other races to their or their own race’s detriment.

It’s that simple when you boil it down.

Other races can be sycophantic, but they cannot be coons since they at least get something for their services, unlike Black folks.

This includes Black people that go out of their way to gain the approval of other non-Black “People of Color”, as they are called, when nothing is gained from such desperate approval seeking. This also includes Black folks that try to make alliances with the LGBTWXYZ movement.

One may also be a coon on top of being disgusting if they brag about dating or fucking the refuse of other races.

The term coon does not include Black people that are introspective about themselves or our race. It is necessary to look at our shortcomings as people or as a People in order to better ourselves.

The term coon should not refer to Black people that point out Black-on-Black violence either, but it does apply to those that use Black-on-Black crime to excuse aggression from non-Blacks. One that excuses or ignores potent anti-Blackism from external ethnicities is indeed a coon.

Coons do not include people that talk a certain way, think outside of the box, or enjoy the profitable company of other races. In fact, this should be the real multiculturalism that we seek if we seek it at all.

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A coon, on the other hand, would try to stop other Black people from developing themselves or profiting from their engagements with other races. One that offers constructive criticism or objective reality is not a coon. A Black person that puts down their own race just for the sake of it, on the other hand, may indeed be coonin’. One that puts their race down for the illusion of acceptance from others is cooning for certain.

While c00nservatives do exist, I think that you might find that many of the so-called liberal Blacks are also coons. On top of being coons, many are queers that don’t understand how the world works.

The Takeaway

The word “coon” is used as a label of shame. In my opinion, this label should exist since real coons, real sellouts that would destroy the Black race from within do exist. We just have to be careful who we call a coon. Even then, some of their ideas might be worth listening to after being put under the microscope, just as we can learn from our more obvious enemies.

As always, protect yourselves at all times. Watch out for the knives coming from behind just as you would the ones up front.