Are You an Emotional Thrillseeker?

As a Black man living in China, I often encounter local men that ask me what I think about Chinese women or how many Chinese women I have been with. Some are even brazen enough to ask me if I would let them watch me bang my girlfriend. Aside from some of these dudes being perverts or voyeurs, it is obvious that many are emotional thrillseekers that want to know if I am tagging a Chinese woman, only to get angry if the answer is yes.

Canton Tower in Guangzhou, China
Apparently, some Chinese dudes believe that my p3n0r is the size of Canton Tower…

This behavior is not confined to China and those that are curious about the sex lives of foreigners or in particular, Black men living here. Similar behavior can be observed in our daily lives by people that seem to go out of their way to find something to be outraged about. They then spend hours or even days whining and crying about whatever issues they have found. Rinse and repeat.

While there certainly are things in life to be outraged about, and sometimes it is useful to raise awareness, the emotional thrillseeker does not want to solve the problem. Instead, they want to get some kind of a rise out of life by getting high on the emotional roller-coaster. Anger, outrage, and faux depression are how these people get off on life. Before long, they become addicted to it, just as junkies become addicted to hard drugs.

Emotional Rollercoater for the Emotional Thrillseeker

Anyone who has spent time in the Game or has read up on feminine nature knows that emotional thrillseeking is a trait often displayed by women. It is a testament to the feminization of modern males that so many men are seeking to be outraged just to sit and cry about things rather than finding tangible solutions.

Knowing the landscape of the society that we live in, it is no wonder that so many people troll just to get a rise out of others. In fact, trolling online has become a viable marketing technique. Get a rise out of people, create an outrage, and develop a following from the alternative side of the “conflict”. No publicity is bad publicity, as they say, and creating a shitstorm can at the very least keep your name in people’s mouths.

Other than playing with the emotions of others, there is little to be gained by seeking things to be outraged about. Instead of getting our jollies by being emotional thrillseekers, we should instead find joy in bringing real solutions to the table and accomplishing our goals. While it is paramount to remove threats from our lives, going about day to day complaining about things just to complain will not yield fruit. It is a form of mental masturbation. At the very least, firestorms of outrage should be utilized to do damage to our opponents, not just to sit and yell like an infant sitting in a diaper filled with fecal matter.

baby pooping in its diaper
SJWs cry like babies but don’t get shit done (pun intended).

Let’s stop pussyfooting around and go for our real goals in life. Society is becoming less and less patient with non-producers, and we are seeing a paradigm shift where it is not profitable at all to whine, particularly when you are not a member of the “likable class” that can utilize the halo effect. We’d better get with the program and start building value, strength, and power as men. Those that sit back in the role of emotional thrillseeker, jacking off to the next piece of “outrage porn” will be left behind to be devoured by others.

Let them be the food.

We are here to build and to conquer in our lives.

If you need help getting started, 32 Shards of Thought is a great stepping stone.