My Thoughts on the Gay Pride Parades

Living here in China, I have been somewhat shielded from Western affairs. Life in Guangzhou has been an escape from all of the things that I dislike about America. Multiculturalism (with Blacks at the bottom, of course), #BlackLivesMatter (I agree with some of the message, but not the LGBTWXYZ and feminist aspects), and landwhales are things that I certainly do not miss about home. However, taking a peek over the Great Firewall with the help of my VPN, I see that June 26th was a day of gay pride parades in the United States.

Gay degenerates in front of children at gay pride parade

Or shall we call it, the “Brokeback Attack”?

Disgusting is what I call it.

Sure, label me a bigot. I have made it known that I am not fond of the LGBTWXYZ movement. I am not fond of their way of life. I do not support the gay agenda, and I am not a “straight ally” of brokebackism.

That being said, I wouldn’t really advocate for them being killed or harmed unless they harm others. The same thoughts that I have about everyone else.

What gets me is the open degenerate behavior that is being shown in front of children at these parades. This is behavior that Hillary Clinton obviously cosigns, since she attended the gay pride parade in New York City. This is the America that Hillary Clinton wants.

I’m not buying it.

The tactics of the political left in America are nothing more than child’s antics. They will never get real work done, and never really protect the people that they claim to be fighting for. It is all about imagery without a solid foundation.

The Gay Agenda and the Black Man

There seems to be a push from all corners of the political spectrum to impose gayness upon Black men. Whether it be feminists and brokebacks co-opting the #BlackLivesMatter movement (hashtag), or liberals stating that the Black struggle is parallel to, or worse yet, the same as, the gay agenda, homosexuality is a weapon that society is using to demean and demoralize Black men.

They even had “civil rights legend” Al Sharpton there at the gay pride parade with Hillary Clinton.

Don’t fall for it, Brothers.

Gay lobbyists have used and will use Black men the same way that other groups like immigrants have. That is if you are lucky and they don’t try to use your assholes too. Their way of life is not one that you want to be a part of. If given the choice to have no allies or have a bunch of queers on my side, I’d rather take my chances alone.

The open degeneracy of the gays at these pride parades also shows that they can get away with a lot more than a straight (cishet shitlord) Black man can. Black men are called demons just for saying hello to a woman. On the other hand, these fags are nearly fucking in public in front of children, and society applauds them!

If that doesn’t tell you that the gay agenda is certainly not in line with the Black agenda, then I don’t know what will.

As I always say: Protect yourselves (and your booties) at all times!