Response to Racist Chinese Laundry Commercial

As many of you may know, I am a Black man living in Mainland China. Since I don’t currently have a TV in my apartment, I am a bit late on the draw in regards to the racist laundry commercial that is making its rounds here on Chinese TV and in movie theaters.

In the commercial, a Black man comes home to a Chinese lady, seemingly dirty from a long day’s work. The woman beckons for him to come to her, and when he does, she shoves him into the washing machine after placing a detergent tablet into his mouth. The man then emerges as a feminine-looking Chinese guy. You can watch the video below:

In my opinion, this commercial is actually comical. Maybe it is my sick, twisted mind, or warped sense of humor doing the talking. Maybe I have had a few too many good times here in China, and I am beginning to think that “they luh us mayne.” Perhaps I just want to be contrary to the so-called liberals (and if I am lucky, get a few brownie points and hits from the #Trump2016 crowd). Has the Admiral gone full coon on you?

No sir.

I simply just think that Black folks have more to think about than a laundry commercial that taken on its own, can be seen as humorous. It is the complete context of our existence that could make the commercial offensive, in my opinion, and it is that context that must be addressed, not the individual commercial.

I understand that Black people seem to be taking blows from all sides. I understand, as a Black man living in China, likely turned down by many jobs and other opportunities due to my race, how much it sucks to be at the bottom. Knowing this, I can’t completely chastise the Brother in the commercial either; we’re all trying to get paid.

Still, we can likely expect a firestorm on the Internet about anti-Blackness, microaggressions, and so forth from Black Twitter and Tumblr, and somehow segue into how LGBT (WXYZ) people need to be accepted in China as well.

If we as a people really want to see change, we are going to have to get to the grown-ups table. We are going to have to learn to play the Game of Power like every other race on the planet, that is if it is possible, and isn’t to late.

In other words, Black folks are going to have to seriously assess what our better interests really are, prioritize these interests, and pursue them doggedly. There is no time for finger-wagging at people that do not understand nor care, and it is absolute foolishness to disarm the very people that would propel our Race into betterment.

Oh, and if it makes you feel any better, you can go masturbate to this video. “Dey luh us in Europe mayne”: