The Problem with Giving Dating Advice

For the past ten years, if not longer, the dating advice niche has been a profitable market on the Internet. There has never been a dearth of thirsty males desperate to find the magic bullet that will propel them out of inceldom and into some sweet, sweet wallz.

Incels take dating advice from anime

Well, like many things in life, there is no magic cure for most of us. Another sad reality is that there are those of us that will put their backs to the old grindstone and still never move an inch. The real world and nature are cruel indeed. Still we owe it to ourselves to mash for what we want to get out of our lives, should we choose to live them, since failure is guaranteed if we give up.

The best dating advice that I have found online comes from PlayerSupreme, and is supplemented by others such as Pook, Mr. Locario, and hopefully, yours truly. The simple fact is that women do the choosing, and we must give them something to choose. This means putting in the arduous work that is necessary to better ourselves to the point that we can attract quality (not just women) into our lives.

The main problem that I have with dating advice found on the Internet is that a “one-size-fits-all” mentality is used. As previously stated, and mentioned numerous times on this blog, the truth is that not everyone is equal. No matter what the liberals, conservatives (at least a minority of them), Christians, or whomever say, or no matter how we think the world should be, real equality does not exist. It follows that we cannot all follow the same mold in the dating game, or in life.

It is for this reason that I often use disclaimers when I try to give dating advice. Perhaps is is because I am not at the level of a true Player or Mack, but I honestly believe that there is no cookie-cutter advice when it comes to dating. Not all of us are targeting the same types of women, and not all of us are dealt the same deck in the Game of Life. To be honest, even if we are going for the same general type of women, each individual is different. For instance, just because I am with a Chinese woman doesn’t mean that I can help every Black man get with any Chinese girl. I will say that Brothas willing to put in the work on themselves will probably be able to find a date in the Middle Kingdom.

On the other hand, I would still like to assist in the realm of dating if at all possible. It is part of my desire to better myself, and to help others do the same, particularly those closest to me: my fellow heterosexual Black men with Yellow Fever.

Chinglish on a restaurant menu in Guangzhou, China

The closest thing to a one-size-fits-all mold is continuous self-improvement, continuous struggle, and continually seeking our goals. This does not necessarily mean “ho-chasing,” or trying to holler at every single woman that we come across, but we should try different venues, different environments, or even different countries to get what we are after.

If you are a weird incel nerd, you might be able to score big in Asia or outside of the West, particularly if you are a super-duper White guy, but even then, it is better to internalize the Game and work on building yourself. Other than this particular setup, there is no real magic bullet, and even this magic bullet was forged by years of global promotion of White Western dominance.

At the end of the day, if we have problems with getting what we want, we must identify the problem that we have, then mash towards a solution (if there is one).

In closing, the best dating advice that I can give is to do the work.