The Pros and Cons of Living with a Woman

Many men (many, many, many, many, many men; excuse the 50 Cent reference) dream of the day when they will finally lay their head down on a pillow and have a beautiful woman to cuddle with and keep them warm at night. PlayerSupreme often mentions this in his videos, how good it feels to not sleep alone, to be able to wake up and have the comforts of a feminine beauty within your reach.

Chinese dinner with a Chinese woman

Fellows, I have been living with a lady here in Guangzhou, China for the past month. After a long day of work, it is a pleasure to recharge with her every night (and morning too). A pleasure to wake up in the middle of the night and have her there. A pleasure to learn little Chinese words, and forget them, only remembering the sounds of her voice as I indulge myself in her.

It’s not all good though. Living with another person has disrupted the flow of my life in several ways. In this article, I will get into the pros and cons of living with a woman, at least from my perspective, within the confines of this particular relationship.


  1. Living in China with a person that speaks Chinese makes day-to-day life much more accessible. Hopefully I can pick up a few useful words and phrases here and there too.
  2. I get my needs met every morning and every night without having to spend time or money hunting in nightclubs, pubs, or online.
  3. I get a front-row seat to feminine behavior, including the facts that yes, women poop and even watch porn too. This takes them off of the pedestal that some men have been conditioned to place them upon.
  4. My girl is from Hunan, so that means delicious spicy food. Having a woman help me with life at home makes things a lot easier given my work schedule.


  1. Most Chinese women that I have spent time with like to wake up late. This along with the fact that businesses, including gyms, tend to open late in the morning here makes it hard to get on the grind early in the morning. Ms. Changsha is no different.
  2. Having easy access to her “mana pool” makes it hard to leave the bed. It is enticing to just want to lay up inside of her all day, dismissing any responsibility that I have.
  3. Not being in the Game can lead to atrophy. Of course, keeping a relationship fresh requires the usage of Game as well, as PlayerSupreme teaches and demonstrates.
  4. Living with a woman makes it harder to facilitate hooking up with other women since I wouldn’t be able to bring them over to my pad. I am not really trying to live a “hot player lifestyle” right now though,since I am more focused on improving my financial situation.

For the time being, living with Ms. Changsha has been beneficial. Not having to deal with sexual frustration, and not having to go on the hunt all of the time frees up my time to focus on making money. I also have a potential future business partner that speaks Chinese and someone to bounce ideas off of when she’s not bouncing that booty on me.

Lunch that I had with a Chinese woman
She is delicious, as is the food that she recommends

This is where I usually say protect yourself at all times, but going in bare has been feeling too good.

  • Lol you go man! Got yourself a girl that takes care of you and actually cooks?? Stop playing!! You gonna get used to the good life like i’am and I’m married!! Lol

    • I appreciate the comment, sir. Yeah, getting too spoiled. I can’t forget to continue grinding.

  • IWantMyAnimeBack

    That’s great man!

    When did you go back to China?

  • Dr. Zhivago

    Hey Admiral,

    Glad to hear you have found some reprieve in the middle kingdom. I noticed you mentioned online game. A couple of years ago I read where you said that in America, online dating didn’t work much for you. Even Travellerkai (from Happier Abroad and RooshV’s forum) thoroughly objects to the idea of Black men using online dating as a vehicle for meeting women in North America. His recommendation really resonated with me, as America seems to be a wasteland for most Black men who desire (require) NE Asian females, or for that matter any attractive women who aren’t bottom of the barrel Black chicks (and even then you might struggle) . Hows the story in China? Obviously there are women who will reject a Black man on sight when browsing through online profiles. I think even Randy Flagg said that women would shriek in horror when discovering that the person they were communicating with on Craigslist was Black rather than the White prince charming that they were imagining. However I don’t think the landscape could be much worse than in America. Is my thinking correct? If I set up a tinder profile and spoofed the GPS location, what could I expect to discover? Disappointment or reprieve?

    • The online game that I was referring to is WeChat and TanTan (which is like Chinese Tinder). As Randy Flagg mentioned, it is still difficult for Black men compared to other races, but certainly possible, as most of my flings in this country have come from these two apps. I don’t do the online dating sites thing, and while Kai recommends it, I lean towards Mr. Flagg’s opinion that such sites are not going to yield much fruit for Brothas.

      The online game is a war of attrition, but if you are actually in China, especially being American and in your case, of a lighter hue, you will probably get some girls looking to add you. At least that has been my experience.