Feminazis Want to Dictate my Dick

Photo from the seafood bar
Not a beautiful crowd. Good band though.

Not just mine, but yours too most likely. If you are not a high profile alpha male, and especially if you are a Black man, the hard feminists believe that they can tell you whom to bone. They even want to tell you who you should be attracted to. We all know about movements like fat acceptance that try to force us to believe that fat rolls are the same as feminine curves, well, I had first-hand experience with women trying to tell me what to do and whom to do last Saturday.

Not wanting my already limited social abilities to atrophy, I decided to hit some local bars. The weekend is usually when they have live music events, typically jazz or funk bands. After hitting three venues with nothing going on, I drove across town to a bar and grill that has some great fish and chips, but some horrendous looking female clients.

I was really feeling the music, so I hit the dance floor. Sure, it may not be cool to dance alone, but it wasn’t a target-rich environment (the only Asian chick there was some ambiguous cougar), and I just had to get down, even if it was on my own. My moderate dancing skills attracted the attention of three women: a decent-looking Latina, a sub-mediocre White chick, and a porcine White woman. They beckoned me over, and I danced with them a bit, focusing my attention on the Latina, who looked the best of the three. I wouldn’t have smashed, but I didn’t mind dancing with her.

After a couple of songs, the landwhale of the bunch pointed out what looked to be a mentally handicapped woman dancing on her own. “You should dance with her!”

I shook my head, “Nah.”

“Come on! We had pity for you when we saw you dancing alone.”

Pity? PITY? What, bitch? You should be paying me to dance in proximity to your hamburgling ass.

“I didn’t ask for pity,” I responded. I then left the dance floor and headed back to the bar where I ran into a friend of mine.

Now, I don’t have anything in particular against mentally ill, handicapped, or special needs individuals. I’ve donated to charities that help this class of people and I have worked with special needs kids. I’m not going to be forced to dance with them though, at least not until the top 100 hottest Taiwanese women are forced to give it up to Black men, and you other Brothas only get access to them after I have personally sampled each one. Sorry guys.

The handicapped lady is not the villain of this story.

I wish her well, but as always, I’m looking out for myself and my goals.

The villain is the fatty-boom-batty that thought that she could tell me what to do like her ancestors did to mine. To further insult me, she said that she and her friends pitied me. I didn’t need any fucking pity when I was just enjoying the music, dancing, and having a good time. Why the hell would I cry over not being able to get at women that I am not attracted to, and in fact, am repulsed by?

If this happens to you, do not acquiesce. Do not feel ashamed to say no when a woman is not up to your standards. Do not succumb to thirst. Do not be a janitor of the sexual market. Black men especially, I hope that you are listening. It’s time to boycott fat chicks and the other cruds that society, both the SJWs and White supremacists/anti-Blackists wish to relegate us to.