TOPGUN Tactics in the Game

An F-14 Tomcat flying with its wings swept back

TOPGUN is a program that was conceived in 1969 to teach U.S. Naval Aviators air combat maneuvers (ACM) to mitigate the losses that they were taking to MiGs during the Vietnam War. In this program, as well as exercises such as Red Flag, U.S. Military pilots engage in mock combat against aggressor squadrons that emulate the behaviors of pilots from hostile countries. The goal of these exercises is to ensure that American are pilots well-versed in aerial combat tactics and have some experience before flying in a real combat zone. In terms of boxing or martial arts, TOPGUN, Red Flag, and the like can be roughly seen as sparring.

What does this have to do with the Game?

No, this is not a post telling you to emulate “Maverick’s” cockiness as displayed in the movie, Top Gun, or to wear aviator sunglasses to peacock to women. If that style suits you, then cool, but that is not what this post is about. I am going to be a little bit more practical here.

I am assuming that most of my readers at this point are other Black men with a penchant for Asian women. I am also assuming that you are in America, or in an area that is lacking in a high population of Asian women. In other words, you are not in a “target-rich environment.” Even if you are not a Heterosexual Black Man with Yellow Fever, if you live in a place where you are not attracted to the local women and are waiting for your chance to get the hell out and migrate to greener pastures, then this article will apply to you.

Now, in TOPGUN exercises, fighters maneuver in an effort to achieve a firing solution, or get into a position where they would be able to put a missile up their opponent’s ass. Of course, live ammunition is not used in these exercises, and all “kills” are simulated.

An F-14 Tomcat and A-4 Skyhawk dogfighting in TOPGUN

The same concept can apply to the Game. If we are not in an area where we want to bang the local women, then we can at least see how far we can get so that our Game, flirting skills, and social skills do not atrophy (or in some cases, so that we can develop them from scratch). With a focus on developing our social and flirtation skills, as well as becoming comfortable going out, we will observe the Game in action and talk to some girls, even if they are not the type of girls that we want. We are not trying to get these girls into bed; the goal here is strictly skill development.

You must be well-aware that I am a man that says that “White is not alright. Black can get back. Hell nah to the Latina. Go away to the Pinay.” OK, I’ll stop.

I still go out from time to time. Not as much as I would if I knew that I would regularly be scoring with women that I really want, but enough to at least get exposure. Hitting clubs and bars twice a month has been enough for me to feel more comfortable going out, and more confident engaging with others.

I rarely encounter women that I am into during my outings, and competition here is incredibly fierce and nearly insurmountable in the rare cases that I do (although there are a few times that I get lucky). Still, the experience and confidence gained are useful for when I go out in Asia. The environments and some of the behaviors are indeed different, but this “training” indeed pays off in preparing me for the “battlegrounds” of the East.

"Good Kill!" - F-16 in a bad position

Don’t Waste Time: Get in the Game

Do not be like how I was in the past. I would sit at home, playing games, jacking off, and waiting for a call or e-mail from Japan, telling me that I have the job, and that I’d be coming to “Oriental P00sey Paradise.” Years of my life went down the drain, wasted, rotting. Existing as part of the “living dead.”

Sure, I probably wouldn’t have done much better in terms of notches, assuming that I’d still have my preferences, but I would at least be more experienced and skilled in social situations. For me, this would mean less anxiety, and probably more to write about. For you, it can be a boost in self-assurance, more social ability, or maybe even some notches if you find something that you like out there (that likes you, of course).

Get out there in the Game, even if you are not trying to take it all the way to the end. Remember that everything that we do eventually adds up, so if you are only adding fractions towards the goal, you’d better get started now.