Gorilla Mindset: My Perfect Day


Gorilla Mindset is a bestselling personal development book written by Mike Cernovich, a popular, perhaps even infamous figure in some circles of the Internet. Although some of his views may seem hostile towards Black folks that want to conquer, as are the views of many denizens of the Manosphere, many of his writings in the realm of self-improvement and taking control of our own lives are spot on. Hate or love the man or his political views, the lessons within his book are solid. If you have read other personal development material, had mentors or fathers that taught you some things about life, or have had life experiences, then much of the content of Gorilla Mindset will resonate with you, and the rest will give you the keys to open doors that you may have never thought existed.

Rather than just spewing information at readers, Cernovich provides exercises in each chapter to help us to internalize the lessons that are being taught. The exercise presented in the final chapter is to write out one’s idea of a perfect day. I cannot say that I have a solid idea of what a perfect day would be. In fact, the idea is dynamic, as it changes when I make new discoveries – an example of this is my plan to teach in China next year based on my experiences there last summer instead of spinning my wheels to find work in Japan.

My Perfect Day (as of November 17, 2015)

My day begins in bed, with a petite Northeast Asian woman sleeping beside me, thoroughly ravaged from the night before. I get up to check my e-mails and reply to comments on my blog and other sites, then I return to bed for a bit of “morning cardio”.

After the morning quickie, we take a shower together. Although the benefits of cold showers or contrast showers are mentioned in Gorilla Mindset, the temperature is set to one of moderately warm comfort. After the shower, the woman returns home. Yes, it is nice to have Wallz on Demand ™, but even nicer to have time in my day to get things done.

I get dressed and jog to the nearby gym to have a workout that challenges my body. Since this is the perfect day, it is chest day. I have no joint stiffness or pain, so I can get a full range of motion on the bench. I leave pumped up, sore, but it feels great – just as good if not better than those wallz from earlier in the morning.

I return to my place and take another shower after my second workout of the day. Although I am making a livable income from the Internet and other side-business endeavors, I enjoy making more, and teaching English gives me something to do with the rest of my day. Classes run smoothly. No students make negative racial comments, and they are engaged and cooperative. There is extra time after each class since things run smoothly, and the students and I have free conversation about philosophy, history, good places to eat, or how to find quality items at low prices in the area (this takes place in an Asian country, most likely China).

Now that the day is coming to an end, it is time for dinner. I meet up with another local woman. She is either a business partner, private student, or woman that I am going to go balls-deep inside of (I don’t know specifically at this time, but my preference is in that order). She treats me to a healthy dinner that won’t give me mudbutt, but instead will provide much-needed nutrition. (I just noticed that I didn’t talk about breakfast, lunch, post-workout, or snacks; I’ll have to remember that if I repeat this exercise).

After dinner, I head back home, either to take a shower and tag this woman all night, or to reflect upon our meeting, count the money that I made from it, and check on my online presence and investments, and get some reading in before going to bed.

Try it yourself!

This exercise and many more are found in the pages of Gorilla Mindset. If you are serious about improving yourself and getting what you want out of life, then I would thoroughly advise you to add this book to your library.

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