Review of Brandon Carter’s Ultimate Mass

Big Brandon Carter

Big Brandon Carter (BBC mayne!) runs a successful YouTube channel, training business, and blog. His no nonsense approach and passion for life and self-improvement make his content worth watching and quite inspirational. Personally, I had only watched his YouTube videos regarding fitness and personal development off and on until I decided to purchase a few of his books off of Amazon Kindle.

Brandon Carter’s Ultimate Mass: 7 Secrets to Build Muscle Fast as Hell focuses mainly on fitness, in particular, building muscle efficiently without putting on loads of fat. Without writing the entire book in this post, some of the concepts that he addresses are microbulking and microcutting, compound exercises vs. isolation exercises, full-body workouts vs. splits, and proper nutrition. Readers that have experience in the gym and have been working out to build mass for a few years might not learn many new things, but there are still a few ideas to pick up. For instance, I might start hitting full body again at the gym since doing so allows us to have more overall volume in our workouts targeting different muscle groups each week, rather than the six-day split that I have been doing for the past six months. At the very least, it will be a change up and a new challenge.

Aside from the fitness tips, Mr. Carter includes some additional chapters addressing personal development issues such as discipline, and chapters on related subjects such as naturally raising testosterone levels and getting adequate rest and water. These tips are vital for overall health in or out of the gym. The book also includes several links to blog posts of interests, and relevant videos from Big Brandon Carter’s YouTube channel.

Big Brandon Carter's Ultimate Mass

The Verdict

I would advise this book for anyone that is just starting off at the gym and wants to make some serious gains. Gym brahs that want a refresher of fundamentals and those that want to teach others how to build muscle efficiently will also find value in this book. The language is foul at times, as can be expected from BBC, but this adds to its down-to-earth charm. You won’t be finding big scientific words that you will have to look up here, just straightforward lingo that will help you get into the gym and make those gains without dicking around.

Brandon Carter’s Ultimate Mass: 7 Secrets to Build Muscle Fast as Hell can be found on Amazon.